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WAGS fund has dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens for adoption. Adopt a pet in Houston, Texas.
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· Adoption fees vary at Poodle Rescue of Houston. Normally, miniatures are $360. Puppies, highly desirable young dogs, Toy Poodles and Standard Poodles can be more; senior and special needs dogs may be less. PRH accepts cash, Visa or Mastercard. 100% of our adoption fees go to the care and well-being of our dogs.
Due to increased expenses and decreased donations, Yorkie Rescue Houston adoption fees will vary by dog and range from $300-$600
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Rescue Reinvented is a 501(c)(3), all-volunteer, foster based organization in Houston, Texas. Our mission is to rescue and train dogs, primarily German Shepherd Dogs, with the goal of finding them a permanent and loving home. All dogs will receive full veterinary care, including spay/neuter, positive training, and necessary behavior modification before they are ready to adopt. The organization will provide ongoing support and training to adopters of our dogs. Adopt a Pet Houston has dogs and puppies for adoption. Adopt a pet in Houston, Texas.
Photo provided by FlickrJoyrides Rescue has dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens for adoption. Adopt a pet in Houston, Texas.
Photo provided by FlickrRed Collar Rescue has dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens for adoption. Adopt a pet in Houston, Texas.
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COLLAR RESCUE is an all volunteer 501 (3)(C) animal welfare charity dedicated to providing rescue services, medical care, foster care, training and adoptive placement to stray and abandoned dogs and cats in Houston and surrounding areas. We hope you'll find all you're looking for if you're ready to , interested in to a worthy cause, think you might be able to temporarily help a dog or cat by providing a home, or would like to assist us by your time.Besides the adoption fee, the day your dog is delivered you will need a leash, collar, ID tags, a crate or doghouse, water & feed bowls, dog food, dog biscuits, dog shampoo, brushes, nail clippers, a chew toy, First Aid Supplies, and a fence as a minimum. Never leave a choke chain on a dog, these collars are for training only. See here what happens when a choke chain is left on a dog.If you need help with a dog or cat you found, rescued or want to re-home you need to send a nice bio and pictures via email so we can network your animal with other rescue groups. If the dog/cat is in an unsafe situation consider taking it to a shelter such as citizens for animal protection (CAP), Houston Humane Society or Houston SPCA. If you send us information and pics we will try to get help for the animal. If the animal is injured consider taking it to a vet clinic or a shelter. Houston SPCA also has a free ambulance service 24 hrs. Be aware that no shelter in Houston area guarantees that the animal will be saved and put up for adoption. Please report animal abuse/neglect/cruelty whenever you witness (Speak up for the ones that have not voice!), go online and call Houston SPCA and/or Houston Humane Society.If you’ve found a pet online or wish to come in person to view our dogs and cats, the BARC shelter is located at 3200 Carr Street, Houston, Texas 77026. We also have offsite adoptions. Animals that are already spayed/neutered are able to go home the day of the adoption. Otherwise, they are scheduled for surgery the next available weekday and the adopter may pick up their new pet that same afternoon. BARC supplies cardboard enclosures for transporting cats and leashes for adopted dogs. No one involved in K-9 Angels receives ANY compensation. Our volunteers are compassionate animal welfare advocates who contribute their time, skills, and finances to shelter homeless dogs in Houston. To save the lives of the abandoned, abused, and stray dogs who end up in Houston's animal control facilities, K-9 Angels relies completely on adoption fees, donations, and our amazing volunteers.Adopt A Pet Houston assists nonprofit dog rescue organizations with adoptions, fundraising events, communications, and training seminars by experts to promote responsible pet ownership, pet health, dog training, behavior modification, and pet laws.