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With all those choices, how do you know how to choose the right dog for you? Below are some guidelines to consider before adopting your next four-legged best friend. You can also to help guide you to choosing the right dog.
[…] post How To Choose the Right Dog Collar for your Dog appeared first on The 'How-to' Dog […]
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The choices can be overwhelming; there are so many adorable dogs to choose from, and they all deserve to find a loving home. How do you choose the right dog for you? Do a little soul-searching and ask yourself a few key questions: How To Choose The Right Dog For You | Modern Dog magazine
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A new pet is on your radar, and with all the abandoned dogs out there looking for a home you’ve decided to save a shelter hopeful instead of going through a breeder. That’s excellent. Millions of dogs in shelters everywhere anxiously await someone just like you. Luckily, shelters aren’t depressing places like the dog pounds of yore. But how do you choose the right shelter dog?Dogs make wonderful companions and bring joy to many households. However, you have to make sure you choose the right dog for your family and lifestyle. There is a wide variety in personality, temperament, and exercise needs among the different breeds of dog. You need to take all of these considerations into account when choosing a dog to join your family.Top Rated Products for any Dog Owner:

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So you decide to share your house with a dog. A few things that you need to consider right off the bat. What dog is right for you? You need to consider your lifestyle and expectations for a dog. This is the most important part of choosing a dog and is the best way to avoid problems with the dog down the road.

Many times people call me in to solve behavioral problems that really aren't behavioral problems. It's really breed problems. Somebody has an Australian Shepherd and they're frustrated that the dog has high energy or is jumping up on the counters and things like that.

Take into consideration what it is you're looking for. How much exercise does the dog need? What are the grooming needs and what are the training needs for a certain breed? And then size and shape. What kind of dog do you want? Don't just pick a dog on impulse and don't just pick a dog with your heart. Make sure you're picking a dog with your brain and picking a dog with common sense.

So if you want to you know, a tea cup Chihuahua that would be great, but don't expect to necessarily run an agility course with it. Likewise, if you want a dog who's going to sit around and watch a game with you perhaps an Australian Shepherd is not necessarily the right dog or a golden retriever. It's going to require a lot of running and playing and exercise and training.

There are a lot of great resources online where you can look into different breeds and that would be the first step in finding the right dog for you.Are you thinking about adding a new pet to your family? Where should you go to find one? Animal shelters are a great place to start – they always have plenty of dogs who want to find their forever home. But choosing a dog from a shelter can be difficult. It can be hard to really get a good idea for how the dog will behave at home when you only have a few minutes to spend with him at the shelter. Follow these 10 tips to help choose the right shelter dog for your and your family:Learn how to choose and find the right dog for your family, how to buy a dog from a breeder or adopt a dog from the animal shelter or rescue group, how to use temperament tests to evaluate puppies and adult dogs.Nicole and Albert are here telling you how to choose the right breed for you and your family! Please comment below your answers and Nicole will pick the five best breeds for your needs! Plus don't forget to enter this week's competition for your chanced to win a Kong Frisbee!

Temperament of dogs
The size of the dog
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