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Possibly the most intimidating home grooming task is cutting your dog's nails. It is actually fairly simple and safe, as long as you know what you're doing. Most owners are worried about clipping a nail a bit too short, but that's inevitable – it's going to happen at least once, no matter how careful you are. And don't think that his nails will wear down on their own. Cutting your dog's nails is an absolute must!
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The outer portion of the nail is hard and has no feeling because it has no nerve endings, while the core of the nail “the quick” is comprised of small blood vessels and sensitive nerve endings, should you in a zealous quest to cut your dogs nails hit the quick, it will not only be extremely uncomfortable for the dog and create a negative association with the process, it will bleed. Ideally in a perfect world all dogs would have transparent nails allowing you to easily distinguish exactly where the quick ends, however in reality many dogs have nails that are completely black which totally obfuscates the location of the quick within the nail. What is “the quick”? This is the first question that most pet owners ask me when we're discussing how to cut dog's nails.
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Photo provided by FlickrJul 5, 2016 - When learning how to cut dog's nails, it can be a bit intimidating
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There’s something comforting about hearing the clickety-clack of your dog's nails as he walks through your home. But when you have to cut these nails, you may be worried that your dog's nervous yelping may fill the air. However, nail cutting doesn't have to be a rough ordeal.Also known as Miller’s Forge Trimmers, scissor clippers are great for dogs of all sizes. In my opinion, they are the best dog nail clippers. They have the power to cut cleanly through the thick nails of larger dogs and they are more versatile than the guillotine clippers so you can cut small shavings off at different angles if that is how you like to trim your dog’s nails. Their appearance is very similar to regular scissors with the difference being that the blades have half-moon indentations. When opened, the blades make a small hole in which you can fit the nail. Some people hold the clippers horizontally, some hold them vertically, and you can angle them to clip shavings off the nail. Scissor clippers often come with a safety catch. When it’s in place, it only allows you to clip off a small amount of nail at a time, making it more difficult to hit the quick. Unlike the guillotine clippers, the blades of scissor clippers do not have to be replaced. The drawback here is that they require a little more strength so it may be harder for people with arthritis or a weak grip to use.Welcome to our new writing. This guide will teach you how to cut dog hair with scissors at home. Before starting the process on your dog, you need to know various facts. They are dog’s coat type, dog’s patience, your time contribution, dog’s lifestyle, scissors type etc.Before moving on into the deep fur, however, make sure that you’ve chosen the clipper size that works best for your dog’s coat and the right blade. The higher the number of the blade, the shorter and finer the cut.