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How to Make your Dog Eat Slower with a Slow Eating Dog Bowl
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This is where we took the cool spiral patterns into consideration; however, judging bowl designs is much more than just deciding which ones are “cool.” We not only looked at the design of the dividers within the bowl, but we also looked at the curvature of the bottom, the circumference, the depth, and more to analyze just how much each bowl would actually disrupt your pup’s ability to scarf their food. After ranking these features ourselves, we also turned to reviews from owners of each bowl to see how well dogs of different breeds and sizes reacted to eating from different designs. This allowed us to get the most well-rounded understanding of the efficiency of each bowl’s design. The bowls that made our list had superior design that disrupted eating enough to slow it down, but not enough to make it a total hassle for your dog to get a meal in.
How to Make your Dog Eat Slower with a Slow Eating Dog ..
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If your dog wolfs down their food faster than they should the Whoa Buddy Bowl is designed to slow them down a bit. It’s long been noted by vets that dogs eat their food too fast, which leads to many short-term problems and could lead to serious health complications. Not only that, but it’s just kind of gross to have to listen to every day, and it makes you feel guilty because you know they really shouldn’t be eating their food so fast, and you feel helpless because you don’t know how to get them to slow down. So does this bowl really provide the brakes they need, or will they just keep their current pace? How to make your dog eat slower! - YouTube
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These great feeders are ideal to slow down your dogs food intake, they are well made and tall enough to make your dog think about how to eat the food. Making a dog think is more tiring to a dog than exercise is! And to help reduce bloat these are a fantastic feeder for any dog. And this month (Jan 2014) they are £10 off RRP at Personalised Pet Products I wonder if Philly came from a large litter. Her eager appetite and anxious stance while she is eating suggests that she may have had to compete with her littermates for food. In any event she is showing classic guarding behavior by wolfing down her food before anyone else can get to it. This behavior can cause problems such as vomiting when she eats too fast, food aggression and gastric dilatation, or volvulus, which is also known as bloat. Bloat is a serious condition and can occur when a dog swallows too much air during a meal causing distension of the stomach and predisposing it to twist over on itself. Philly is still young so it shouldn’t be too hard to slow her down and to try to make her feel more at ease during meal times.To say that our dog Sasha, an / mix, lives to eat is an understatement. She promptly wakes us every morning so we can get up and make her breakfast, and she reminds us every night when it’s dinnertime. However, in her zest to devour her meal, she can eat too quickly, so we’ve taken measures to slow down her rate of consumption.