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Petmate, 2 piece (top and bottom) Dog houses: Large $75.00 plus tax. X-Large dog houses are sometimes needed. Large Igloo Dog house is $109.00, plus tax. XL Igloo is $125.00, plus tax, depending on where it's in stock. Igloos are the better dog house, especially for heavy chewers. The best dog house is living indoors with their family.

50 pound bag dry dog food $25 at Tractor Supply. We give a bag of food to every chained dog the day they receive their kennel.

We also GIFT a toy/treat/chew bone to every dog the day the dog is unchained. We accept donations of tough toys and balls, Large Rawhide chews, Pig Ears, bully sticks, Basted bones, or other USA made natural dog chews accepted.

IGLOO DOG HOUSE XL Stuff classified ad of the Fort Worth Marketplace
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The perfect home away from home, the Petmate X-Large Indigo Dog House is shaped like an igloo, to improve rain resistance while offering lounging space for extra large dogs. Features a special construction that is warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Comes with an adjustable top ventilation. XL Igloo Dog house is awesome condition
Photo provided by FlickrPetmate Dogloo II XL Igloo Shape Dog House
Photo provided by FlickrAug 7, 2010 - I just got a free xxxl igloo dog house free from my neighbors and I was ..
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