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The RedHead Dog Kennel Cover keeps your best friend out of the elements when Mother Nature has other plans. Weather resistant, insulated materials provide unmatched protection from the elements while 2 windows ensure efficient ventilation, visibility and faster drying time. A zippered door provides easy access and added protection while reinforced grab handles mean easy loading, unloading and transporting without removing the cover. With a Realtree Max-5 camouflage pattern and elastic skirting, the RedHead Dog Kennel delivers extraordinary concealment outdoors and a reassuring, tight, tailored-type fit for most dog kennels.
Hard Core Insulated Dog Kennel Cover.
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I found as long as you have enough ventilation during the summer (kennel cover has vents you can open), and enough insulation during the winter without cold air blowing through the kennel, your dog will be fine in the kennel. Mud River Bedford Uninsulated Dog Kennel Cover.
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The Mud River Dixie Kennel Cover has logically placed handles for ease of moving and for disgruntled baggage handlers. Strategically placed D-Rings on the Mud River Dixie Dog Kennel Cover make securing your friend/investment as easy as pulling it tight. You will also find we have placed a tough and tumble rubber mesh over each window to ensure that air is dispensed properly and to secure a snug fit while running 70. While the need for gear is essential, you will find stash pockets in all the right locations. The industrial grade bottom was not an after thought. Built to withstand years of abrasion, the chosen material is a 2-ply infused heavy duty poly that has a water resistant coating for protection in foul and unpredictable weather. Worry not! When the mercury drops, the MicroLite3 insulation will supply thermal bliss. The Mud River Kennel Cover/Organizer will keep your dog (and best friend) comfortable and allow you to stay organized with the pockets on the outside.Features on the Dixie Dog Crate Cover include MicroLite3insulation, a 2-ply infused 1200D Poly industrial grade bottom that is built to withstand years of abrasion, water resistant coating for protection in foul and unpredictable weather, rubber handles on the top making it easy to move and carry, and 4 side D-Rings for securing the kennel in the back of your truck.The Mud River Dixie Insulated Kennel Cover has many features that will allow your dog protection from the cold and rain making your standard dog crate a warm, dry and comfortable place for your hunting dog. It will keep the inside of your crate 20-40 degrees warmer than the outside air temperature (depending on size of dog, working or resting dog, windows on or off, door up or down).I bought the Mud River Insulated Kennel Cover to use with my Ruff Tough Kennel (RTK) two years ago to keep my two year old Springer in my SUV or my hunting partners covered pickup rather than bringing him into motels while pheasant hunting during November, December and January. I hunt in SD, ND, Iowa, and Minnesota and the temperature often drops below freezing. For example, while hunting in South Dakota last week, the temp dropped to 10 degrees at night, but he was toasty warm and well-rested the next morning – and ready to hunt! Both of us sleep better because he sleeps in the vehicle! The combination of the RTK and the Mud River Insulated Kennel Cover are the two best investments I made for my dog (and for me!). On a scale of 1 to 5, this Kennel Cover is a 10!