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Pros & Cons: The biggest advantage of these dog doors is the perfect insulation to protect the house from hot/cold/rainy weather, similarly to how we . They're also very easy to install, and help to maintain a cleaner house for sure.
Insulated dog door
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A dog door that is insulated in combination with air sealing prevents air leakage into and out of the house. Pay attention to the little things and the big things will follow. A dog door may seem small in term of application; however, a leaky dog flap can have a severe impact on the energy efficiency of your home leaving you with big problems to solve. Learn more about Freedom Pet Pass insulated dog doors. See for yourself why is the leading energy efficient dog door. Insulated Pet Doors for Large & Small Dogs
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Photo provided by FlickrThe Aluminum Dog Door features an anodized aluminum flap with vacuum panel insulation technology
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MaxSeal Pet Doors are available in dual flap or single flap, door mounted and wall mounted models. No other dog door or cat door seals or insulates as well!It costs more to manufacture an energy efficient doggie door and/or an insulated pet door and that is why the prices are a little higher than doors that are not specifically designed for energy efficiency. But it doesn't take very long at all to get your money back in home energy savings. The pet door flap is going to leak and you'll freeze in the winter or lose all your cool air in the summer. You're right to worry about this! Here's an example of the leaky flap problem that will occur with the majority of cat doors and dog doors sold every day. The solution: Get a pet door that seals very well. The Endura Flap pet doors have been tested from well below zero to 130f without losing their seal. won the coveted Fancy Publications Editors Choice Award for 2007 partly because they seal and insulate extremely well.Regardless of the placement of the dog door, a weather seal is highly recommended. When the is on, cool air escapes to the outside every time an outside door is opened. For this reason, basic flap-entry models are not the best choice for energy conservation. To keep the air conditioning or heat indoors, pet owners should look into energy-efficient dog doors.

Energy-efficient flap models are available, with flaps that are double wide or otherwise insulated. The pet owner may wish to abandon the flap style altogether and instead seek a solid-paned door that either slides or locks. With its more secure construction, this type of door is ideal when safety is a concern.Heating and cooling accounts for 50-70% of the energy costs for the average home. Dog doors haven’t changed much over the years and an insulated dog door that seals airtight is long over due. Installing an insulated dog door is a simple way to save.A dog door that is not insulated and leaking air will negatively affect the energy efficiency of your home. A leaky dog flap results in heat loss in the winter and heat entering your home in the summer. It pays off to install an insulated dog door and keeps paying off with better comfort and energy savings.