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Provide your dog with the special training necessarily to get used to the invisible fence system.
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After trying to install an electric fence myself and it not working shortly after installing it, I purchased an invisible fence. We’ve had it for 11 years now. It has required some maintaince over the years. It really is a training device and you have to be on board with the dog training but mostly the dogs will respect it and they learn quickly. You have to pay attention to the batteries and collars. It is nice to be able to get support and maintance when needed, but it can be expensive. It gives me peace of mind with my dogs.
If you're struggling to find unbiased information about invisible dog fences, you're not alone.
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This secure and safe hybrid system uses a flexible buried wire and wireless receiver collars, to create a customized system built for your yard, your dog, and your family. The system is designed for easy training and even easier correction, sending more frequent stimuli as your pet approaches her outdoor limit. You’ll appreciate the rechargeable, back-up battery that keeps your invisible fence up and running, even in the event of a power outage. All Pro Dogs – Invisible Dog Fence Installation for Fort Collins and Northern Colorado.
Photo provided by FlickrAnd now, without further ado, 50 of the best wireless, invisible dog fence systems available today:
Photo provided by FlickrInvisible Fence by StayDog, we give family pets a great homelife in S.E. Pennsylvania and Delaware.
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Other electronic containment collars trigger at different distances depending upon which was your dog is facing. This is sometimes confusing to the dog and may require additional training. Only High Tech Pet electronic fence collars are driven by two separate radio receivers to precisely determine your dog's distance from the boundary wire. Our "Smart Position Sensing" radio technology maintains a consistent field width regardless of your pet's orientation. This is less confusing to your dog. Your pet will quickly learn exactly where the invisible boundary is. This results in easier training and more reliable dog containment. Smart Position Sensing is only available on High Tech Pet electronic dog fences.Without question, training is absolutely the most important aspect of making an invisible dog fence work for you. I really can't stress this point enough, so I'll say it again another way...We know the tips and tricks to make a DIY underground dog fence job easier and cheaper. For example we can show DIYers how to get a dog fence system made by Innotek. the sister company of Invisible Fence* for a fraction of the cost. And we show DIYers how to use everyday garden tools to halve the dog fence installation time.Here's the thing: Once you train your dog to understand how a dog fence works, it becomes an incredibly reliable way to keep your dog safe. When I was a pro installer, I actually offered a containment guarantee — if I couldn't train a dog to stay in its yard using a dog fence, then I would refund the customer's money in full. I didn't offer a containment guarantee just because I'm a nice guy (though my wife would say I am); I offered the guarantee because I knew that I could train pretty much any dog to respect an invisible dog fence using my low-stress training techniques. The installation process of your new fence is actually quite simple. We will bury a wire around the perimeter of your property with training flags to indicate where the new invisible boundary is. This wire begins and ends at a transmitter that is located at an indoor outlet for power, typically in a garage. Your dog will begin to wear a small customized receiver that is programmed for their individual size and temperament. Using our low-stress GentleSteps™ Training method, your pet is introduced to the boundary and is free to roam your property with training flags removed in roughly 1-2 weeks.Recently I went into my garage to find the invisible dog fence transmitter beeping. After calling the company I was informed that this alarm meant there was a ...