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Dear Friends,

Years ago when I had the idea of making down coats for my four senior dogs, I simply wanted to make them the warmest most comfortable coats possible. I made them the way they should be made, regardless of cost. We do the same today when we make coats for your dogs and most manufacturers think we're crazy to insist on such quality. We know that's what you expect from Joy Pet Products and we wouldn't have it any other way.

The last several years manufacturing costs have increased to where it is now impossibly expensive to make the coats to our standards in the US or Canada. Manufacturers have scaled back their equipment and there is not one US facility that can complete our down coats from start to finish. I'm not willing to make an inferior product or go to China for manufacturing. So, what we have available on our site currently is all we'll have - at least for now. It is unlikely we would be able to find a new manufacturer and schedule more production this year.

Most would mark up inventory that has become so expensive to produce. Instead I'll be offering some coupons for our social media friends over the next few months. We are a tiny company that's had big recognition, mainly due to customers like you telling others about us. So, it seems natural to me to offer customers who have enjoyed shopping with us and supported us over the years some special offers. Please be sure to order carefully when ordering something on sale or when using a coupon as everything will be a final sale until we know if we can secure new manufacturing. If there's something you need that is unavailable on the site, we have the ability to take a limited number of custom orders.

I've been touched by every email, picture and video you've shared with me about your pets. Hearing from you has always been the highlight of my day. Thank you for the all stories about your pets and supporting a small 'Made in USA' business.

We'll be here for you until Christmas to make sure holiday orders go out on time as always. I'm not sure what's in store for us after that, so please stay connected on Facebook for updates.

Thank you and all the best for a happy fall and winter season!

Patti Wilson

Joy Dog Food receives the Advisor’s second-lowest tier rating of 2.5 stars.
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Joy Dog Grooming is located in the heart of Echo Park, on the corner of Glendale Boulevard and Berkeley Avenue. Though the name implies a one-species specialization, Joy also grooms cats. The store also sells a variety of grooming and pet supplies, including pet food items. Joy prides itself on its quick turnaround time. The shop has plenty of free lot parking. Judging by its ingredients alone, Joy Dog Food looks like a below-average dry product.
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he Joys of Living Assistance Dogs (JLAD) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to raising and training assistance dogs and placing them in positions of service.Your dog will get to enjoy our amazing outdoor play yards and relax in our Lodge’s air-conditioned Great Room while interacting with other dogs and specially trained staff. Good manners are reinforced throughout the day to make sure that all dogs are listening and focusing on people while interacting with their furry friends.Welcome to DogJoy, home of Sublime Canines and a canine activity ranch. We believe in helping you and your dog learn to achieve your healthiest and happiest relationship through play and proper communication. We offer group training classes and private lessons as well as dayschool classes, private training, and manners reinforcement during daycamp or while boarding with us.oy St. Peter is the Founder and Director of The Joys of Living Assistance Dogs (JLAD), a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. She launched JLAD in 2004 after attending the (ADI) in Santa Rosa, California, led by (inventor of the Service Dog concept). Ma says no, it's too much care
An' it will scatter germs an' hair,
An' it's a nuisance through and through.
An' barks when you don't want it to;
An' carries dirt from off the street,
An' tracks the carpets with its feet.
But it's a sign he's growin' up
When he is longin' for a pup.

Most every night he comes to me
An' climbs a-straddle of my knee
An' starts to fondle me an' pet,
Then asks me if I've found one yet.
An' ma says: 'Now don't tell him yes;
You know they make an awful mess.'
An' starts their faults to catalogue.
But every boy should have a dog.

An' some night when he comes to me,
Deep in my pocket there will be
The pup he's hungry to possess
Or else I sadly miss my guess.
For I remember all the joy
A dog meant to a little boy
Who loved it in the long ago,
The joy that's now his right to know. The Joy Dog was curious about our anniversary gifts, she actually sat quietly and watched curiously. Everything is her business, and I lay down on the ground to take her photo, she was fascinated, before leaping on my suddenly and trying to chew on me, as she loves to do. The pirate eye always gives her away when she is looking for trouble. And she is almost always looking for trouble.