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Is your dog a King or thinks they are royalty? Then they will just love wearing this King Dog Collar everywhere they go. Made of genuine leather this very unique dog collar is covered with an ultra-resistant 100% polyester canvas. Purchase our matching 3/4" x 4' leash separately or select "Matching Leash" from the optional menu above. Refer to size chart below and then sizes/widths available. If your pup falls in between sizes please choose the larger size.
Paracord Martingale Dog Collar King Cobra
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Urban-dwelling dogs are a familiar sight on city elevators. But tragedy hits if the leash of one of these well-traveled pooches gets caught in the door. Dr. Stephanie Liff, a partner at Brooklyn Cares Veterinary Clinic in Clinton Hill in Brooklyn, says she recalls an English bulldog who was hung by his collar in an elevator after the door closed on his leash. He lost consciousness and suffered neck injuries, but survived. Another puppy she treated fell down an elevator shaft, breaking his leg. “Many people go into the elevator and don’t hang onto the leash, and they should,” Liff warns. king cobra paracord dog collar - Google Search
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how to make paracord dog collar double king cobra extra wide with buckle how to make double king cobra paracord dog collar with buckle, yellow was 24ft per side and the OD green started at 32 ft per side but I had 4 feet or so left over per side. also the collar is 20.5 inch long and 2.25 inches wide. hey everyone if you are trying to make this and ... Dogs are meant to be outdoors and this exclusive to King Ranch® custom-designed collar brings a bit of the outdoors to your best friend. Made of... The first accessory ever put on a dog was most certainly a collar. After all, then as now, the collar was essential for training, identified ownership and also reflected social standing. Archaeologists recently unearthed King Cuo of Zhongshan (pre-dynastic, 323–309 BC China), who had been buried with his dog. His apparently much-beloved dog was still wearing his collar of gold, silver and turquoise. Roman dogs belonging to high-ranking members of society wore collars of beautifully wrought silver. Medieval hunting dogs wore more utilitarian collars with protective spikes. And Renaissance tapestries frequently depict dogs wearing elaborately jeweled collars. Louis XI of France (1423–1483) may have been a cheapskate, but he loosened the purse strings when it came to his favorite greyhound. The dog wore a collar made of scarlet velvet decorated with 20 pearls and 11 rubies. These royal collars weren’t just status symbols; they were propaganda. Anne of Brittany, the wife of Louis XI’s son, Charles VIII, had 24 pet dogs, and each wore a black velvet collar from which were suspended four ermine paws of pure white — a reference to the Brittany arms in which an ermine is depicted.When I first heard of the gorilla knot, I was surprised, since I knew all the essential knots used for making dog collars. It is supposedly a very popular knot and I was pretty sure the most common way to make a collar was to use the king cobra knot. Well, after some research I found out that the gorilla knot is indeed a very suitable knot to use for a dog collar. It is also less time consuming to make that the king cobra dog collar.If you’ve been following our paracord projects, then you know the Cobra weave is one of the more popular weaves. For this paracord dog collar, we are going to take it one step further and do a King Cobra weave! This weave is super strong and even adds a thickness and padding to the original cobra weave, making the collar more comfortable for pooches of all sizes.Beau Cou (beautiful neck) King dog collar Collection: Genuine Napa leather, Multi colored rhinestones studded dog collar. Exquisite Dog collar, hand-made with high-quality whole grain napa leather, studded with 3 color rhinestones for glamour and style. The dog collar come with a padding for extra comfort. Available in six colors- red, black, lilac, purple, baby bue and brown. Matching dog leashes available separately. Dress your dog for a kill with this sophisticated and elegant collar exclusively for your pet’s beau cou (beautiful neck). Affordable and enriching, a must have for every pet owner. Our small collars fits dogs with neck size 8-11 inches. Our medium size fits dogs with neck size from 10-14 inches. Our large size fits dogs with neck size from 14-18 inches. Please measure your dogs neck size with an inch tape and get the appropriate size collar. Enjoy this pet accessory especially designed for you by Rodeo Stallions.