Brass Large Breed Dog Collars - 3 colors - 43 breeds

 builds heavy-duty nylon collars specifically for large, powerful breed dogs and working K9s.
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Bestia™ "Maximus" genuine leather dog collar for large dog breeds. 2.5 inch wide. soft padded. old silver rivets. Hand made in Europe! by bestiadoggear on Etsy
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Durable, rugged, and stylish, a leather dog collar is the only thing that will accompany your dog night and day. Leather has always been treasured for its unique beauty and dependable strength; why shouldn’t it adorn the around the neck of man’s best friend? The choice of trainers for obedience and the choice of law enforcement for daily use, nothing can match a leather dog collar. All of our dog collars are entirely handmade by Duvall Leatherwork using only American tanned English Bridle Leather. They feature solid brass hardware and rivets to ensure our construction will not fail under normal use. This collar is made exclusively for extra large breed dogs and is constructed of 1 ½” wide double ply leather which is stitched and riveted. When you buy Duvall Leatherwork you not only get amazing products, you also help keep jobs here in America. You can rest assured that this dog collar was handmade by American hands, right here in our Pennsylvania workshop. Bestia™ "Eros" genuine leather dog collar for large dog breeds. 2.5 inch wide…
Photo provided by FlickrBestia™ "Hunter" genuine leather dog collar for large dog breeds. 2.5 inch wide…
Photo provided by FlickrBestia™ "Maximus" genuine leather dog collar for large dog breeds. 2.5 inch…
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Imprinted tough dog collars made of rugged thick leather for large breed dogs. Red leather dog collar with black lettering. #LeatherDogCollar #DogCollar #Leather #RedLeatherDogCollar #PersonalizedDogCollarBrass Large Breed Dog Collars - 3 colors/43 breeds: $318 - $366, These beautiful brass collars are very durable and will only increase in beauty, the leather will soften over time. The brass dogs will remain shiny and bright. The collar must be cared for it like a fine piece of jewelry. The reward is an exquisitely supple and rich feeling leather collar adorned with brass pieces that hold their beauty. It is a collar worthy of the most heroic dog, the best of friends, the truest of… At 2 Hounds Design, we take great pride in creating attractive and safe collars and harnesses for dogs. We specialize in large breed dogs and we offer a vast selection of large dog collars to give you a variety of options to choose something that fits your dog's personality or your own sense of style. We also carry the Freedom Harness, which is a perfect dog harness for your large dog. Martingale Collars: Martingale Collars were originally designed for Sighthounds – these breeds have necks that are larger than their heads, which enable them to slip out of regular buckle collars. However, any breed of dog can use a Martingale Collar. These collars (which are almost always made out of nylon or some sort of fabric) could be called a “gentle” choke chain. To fit a Martingale correctly, measure it to fit the exact size of your dog’s neck when it is pulled closed. When your dog is not pulling on the leash the collar should hang loose. While these collars are not ideal for all training situations, they do provide more control than a buckle collar or a harness.While you might believe that selecting a collar for your giant breed dog is going to be simple, one trip to a well stocked pet supply store could have you seeing stars! There are many different collar options for your large dog, so we’ve set out to create a guide to help you choose the best one for your pooch.
No matter your choice of EzyDog collar you will not be disappointed. These collars are durable, functional and come in a wide range of sizes sure to fit your large breed dog.