Hidden Valley Baxter Paw Plaid Extra Large Dog Couch

 This is the only dog couch bed we’ve seen that is a realistic option for large dogs.
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The is top-notch when it comes to style combined with durability and practicality. It is shaped like a mini couch and is available in a variety of colors and styles; each style is embroidered with a colorful floral design. The bed is filled with supportive and soft microfiber and covered in thick microsuede fabric. The cover is machine-washable and can be easily zipped on and off without a hassle. Plus, the Blueberry Pet bed costs only sixty dollars and includes a bone-shaped squeaky toy to add a cute accent as well as provide your large dog with unlimited fun.
Hidden Valley Baxter Orthopedic Dog Bed and Couch (Small to Extra Extra-Large)
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Of course, it's good to consider what your dog likes at first, and be mindful of your pet's needs. Your dog's size is the number one importance, and you want your couch for dogs to be big enough for your pet to fit in, but you also want it to be cozy and not too large. Hidden Valley Baxter Houndstooth Small to Extra-Large Fleece Dog Couch
Photo provided by FlickrHidden Valley Large Sage Baxter Dog CouchOutside: 30” D x 40” W x 12” HInside: 19” D x 29” W X 9” H
Photo provided by FlickrHidden Valley Large Sage Baxter Dog Couch
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Looking for the best in orthopedic excellence? Mammoth has it right here at a promotional price. A super sized bolster, easy entry and extreme support. Mammoth designer couch will accommodate any large breed. Our specially engineered high memory fiber fill on the bolster offers added support for their head and back. The mattress is offered in three options. 1) Layered upholstery fiber for a soft landing. 2) Orthopedic density foam mattress that offers more support and shape to the couch design. 3) Purchase the memory foam upgrade for a firm yet soft laying area. Perfect for geriatric dogs or heavier breeds who demand more support for their aching joints.Getting your dog something comfortable to sleep on is a great way to show you care. After all, you don’t want your dog to have to sleep on the hardwood floor, or get their hair all over your living room rug. If your dog is one of the bigger breeds, it’s important to find them a large dog bed that’s big enough for them to sleep on (and something comfortable for chewing on their on). There are many different types of dog beds and couches available for your dog’s resting needs, and they all vary in shape, fabrics and colors.Traditional designer couch comes in various colour combos. Choose a whopping 60 x 36 (inside laying area 46 x 26) Extra Large or a 48 x 36 (inside laying area 36 x 26) Large size. To get a proper fit, please measure your dog from neck to base of tail. The large fits dogs like Labradors, Goldens, Airedale, etc. The Extra Large fits dogs like German Shepherds, Mastiffs etc.L.L. Bean’s Therapeutic Dog Couch uses open-cell memory foam, which offers relief from overheating. Unfortunately, we were not able to judge if that was true, as our trial took place in the fall and winter. However, the bed is extremely durable, withstanding chewing and standing up to the demands of two large Labrador agility dogs.It can be very difficult to find dog beds that comfortably accommodate extremely large dogs. This is the answer to that problem, measured fifty-four by thirty-four inches and designed specifically to accommodate great danes. The bed has the appearance of a low couch and is covered in a combination of micro-suede and topped with a plush polar fleece top for warmth and soft comfort. It is also equipped with a orthopedic foam mattress to provide the extra support that large dogs require. The micro-suede and fleece cover are removable and machine washable.Some dogs love to sleep on the couch, and with a large dog that can be a bit problematic. Beasley’s offers a solution in the form of this amazing couch bed which is perfectly sized for all but the largest canines. It’s high-quality and sure to please both your dog and you.