Even large dogs can fit in totes:

Fabric Washable Cat Dog Puppy Pet Carry Carrier Bag Small Large Tote Material | eBay
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WOW! Mary Alice,
I am absolutely astounded! Thank you so much for taking the time to review another bag that would work for my Bella! That looks stealthy enough for my purposes- which is to be able to take Bella into places that are dog-friendly, without necessarily making it known that I have a dog with me. Ysabella is a recent rescue, actually, and the rescue group behavior evaluator thinks she was previously abused, so she is still adjusting to being around most humans and other dogs. Sometimes when I bring her around the local stores, people get attracted to her because of how cute and puppy-like she looks, but at times she gets overwhelmed with the fast moving hands, loud voices and sudden movements. This would be a great solution to help her feel more secure when we’re out and about. And talk about a great deal! I like the zip-up feature of this, and the fact that it doesn’t cost as much as the wagwear tote! Thanks so much! I might just have to snatch this up ASAP. Per your recommendation, I also ordered the large sturdibag this week, to check for sizing, so I’ll keep you updated on that too. I hope to travel with her this summer by plane, so if the large size works for her, I’ll have to start getting her acclimated to it. Thanks again, Mary-Alice! I’ll be in touch! Do you have any pictures of the inside of this bag?
Dog food storage container/food bowl for a large dog made with a Rubbermaid tote!
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One shining example of this work-around came from CBS news producer Alex Romano. He recently a picture of a man who nonchalantly carried his husky—a large dog, even as a puppy—in a tote bag as if it’s a totally normal thing. “Only in New York,” he wrote, “a person would put a huge dog in a bag on the subway.” Love the dog and the guy carrying the fog in a large tote. Political comment was completely unnecessary and annoying.
Photo provided by FlickrI should start a collection of ways people transport their dogs on the subway. #1: Large dog in tote bag
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Not long ago, reader Alexandra asked for suggestions for an around-town tote for Bella, her small Cocker Spaniel. Bella is slightly bigger than Chloe — about 14-15 lbs., about 13 inches high at the shoulder, and about 16 inches from neck to tail. Like Chloe, therefore, Bella is in that tricky “big small dog” category — theoretically convenient, but actually a little too large for most small-dog carriers.Pet Voyage Dakota Large Dog Tote features a sleek, stylish design that holds dogs up to 20 lbs. This dog carrier is perfect for around town travel. 18"L x 8.5"W x 14.5"H.The only other OllyDog product I’ve looked at closely was the OllyDog Walker, a hip pack . It’s no longer available, but I ordered the Tote with a feeling of confidence that it would be well-designed and well-made. I wasn’t disappointed. For a surprisingly low price (just under $45), I got an over-the-shoulder tote that fits my large small dog, won’t fall to pieces, and has a number of well-thought-out features.