AFGHANS, Large, silky-haired dogs (7) ..

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The Shih Tzu is nicknamed the “Chrysanthemum Dog” because of the upward growing hair on its nose, thus creating a chrysanthemum face. The breed has a round face, large wide-set eyes and furry ears that seem to disappear into its equally furry body. The Shih Tzu’s body is long and abundantly covered with a long and silky outer coat with a wooly under coast beneath. The tail is curled and is spread across the dog’s back.
GREAT DANE, Large smooth-haired dog (5,4).
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The Silky Terrier is a small dog breed with a long, fine hair coat. Its personality is generally friendly and energetic. The Silky Terrier is sometimes confused with the , but the two are separate dog breeds with distinct traits. In fact, the Silky is larger than the Yorkie and actually has more in common with its other relative, the Australian Terrier. Silky-haired dog - Crossword Quiz Answers
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The Maltese is a small, hardy dog with silky hair. The body is compact, fine-boned, but sturdy and slightly longer than it is tall with a level topline. The chest is deep. The skull is slightly rounded on the top with a moderate stop. The medium length muzzle tapers, but not to a point. The pendant, low-set ears are set close to the head and heavily feathered. The black eyes are large, round and set moderately apart with dark rims. The nose is black with open nostrils. The dog has a silky, single layer coat that is white or light ivory. When kept long and groomed like a show dog, it hangs flat, long over the sides of the body almost to the ground (about 8½ inches (22 cm)), hanging on each side of a center part line and is not wavy, curly or kinky. A lot of owners choose to cut the coat into a short, easy-care puppy cut.How to tell the difference between the two breeds? First, the Yorkie is a lot more common, so if that's your first guess you're more likely to be right. Otherwise, the Silky is a little larger than the Yorkie, with slightly finer hair. Show dogs are clipped in different styles, with the Yorkie's coat allowed to grow longer than the Silky. If you're dealing with regular pet dogs, the type of haircut varies according to the groomer and the owner's wishes.