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Spot Spot Dura Fused Leather Dog Toy - Bone Dog Chew Toys
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DURABLE: We have taken genuine leather and jute (a natural, rough fiber) and fused them together for optimal strength and protection. Our handmade leather dog toys have double stitched seams with heavy-duty thread to withstand more wear and tear (and chew) than your average toy. The leather toy is durable but not indestructible offering a fun challenge for your dog! Debra - I have two soft leather chew toys for my dogs
Photo provided by FlickrSpot Spot Dura Fused Leather Dog Toy - Rabbit Dog Chew Toys
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Spot dura f leather dog toy bone etch a pet flower dog collar red leather dogs puppy toy small medium extra large breeds cute dog toys stuffed squeaking animals pet toy plush puppy honking squirrel for dogs cat chew pets first football rope toyHamil warns that owners should use extra caution with squeaker toys, providing close supervision, because dogs love to rip apart the toy to find the squeaker and chew on it. He says dogs can cut their mouth on these pieces or swallow them. Instead, try leather toys. They get wet and soft when dogs play with them, and they are digestible. Hamil also recommends nylon rope toys because as the dog bites into them, the rope scrapes excess tarter away. They are also easy to clean; just throw them in the washing machine. chew toys are most often associated with puppies and dogs, though rawhide toys are plentiful in the bird toy section of most pet stores. Rawhide is suitable for all animals except , as it is made of animal skin. Rabbits, which only eat vegetation, cannot have rawhide toys because their digestive systems cannot process them. This is a rather sturdy kind of chew toy and it can take months for a small animal or bird to destroy. Examples of rawhide chew toys are twists and rawhide bones. Chew toys made of leather are not recommended for dogs as they cannot be properly digested in the stomach and may cause blockage in the intestines.
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Leather toys offer a particularly rewarding playtime experience for dogs. Its unique toughness is able to stand up to most dogs' chewing, while its animal texture creates an amazing sensation on their teeth and gums that rewards their primal instincts. For extra longevity our leather dog toys are made with jute, a coarse vegetable fiber that creates incredibly strong, tough threads. To put it simply: a dog would have to be one crazy strong chewer to get through these! Feel free to browse our full selection of top quality dog toys to find the perfect one for your furry friend.

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