Life size Fire Hydrant Container for Dog toys

How to make your dog's day... Make her favourite toy life size...
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My reactive dog has reacted with fear to a basket of toy Border Collie puppies that we happened to see outside a shop; however it should be born in mind that at that stage he was still sometimes fearful of unfamiliar inanimate objects in general. However he has much more recently reacted aggressively to a life size mural of a Labrador. BRITISH BULLDOG DOG WHITE BOXER DOG REAL LIFE SIZE SOFT TOY PLUSH 70CM in Toys & Games, Soft Toys & Stuffed Animals, Branded Soft Toys | eBay
Photo provided by FlickrThe Mighty Massive Beaver Dog Toy ~ Nearly life-size, soft and durable toy companion for your pooch | Doggy Loot
Photo provided by FlickrBRITISH BULLDOG DOG WHITE BOXER DOG REAL LIFE SIZE SOFT TOY PLUSH 70CM in Toys & Games, Soft Toys & Stuffed Animals, Branded Soft Toys | eBay
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For this dog, a 1-year-old Shiba Inu named Kya, her wildest dreams came true when she met the life-sized version of her fav chew toy, Santa Claus.Dogs finding life-size versions of their favorite toys is almost becoming a trend this year. Last month's showing a dog's excitement when her owner dressed up as her favorite Gumby toy is well on its way to 10 million views.Anyway, the dog named Jolene in the above video has a favorite toy, her beloved stuffed Gumby. Jolene clearly loves her Gumby very much, so much so that when one of her humans puts on a life-sized Gumby costume and surprises her with it, Jolene CANNOT EVEN. For a dog, her comic timing is impeccable, when she first spots “real Gumby” while playing with toy Gumby — which is quickly forgotten. But sometimes, dog owners make Halloween a little bit easier on their furry friends, as we see in this video. Jolene is a lovable dog whose favorite toy is a Gumby doll. Sure enough, her owner decides to surprise her on Halloween by dressing up as Gumby, bringing Jolene face-to-face with a life-sized version of the toy she loves to chew on every day. Needless to say, the result is downright adorable, as Jolene flips her lid, pretty much knocking her owner over and jumping all over him in excitement. Watch the video below:In a YouTube video posted by on Thursday, you can live vicariously through this adorable dog as she gawks over her favorite life-size chew toy. According to the video's description, the dog's name is Jolene.Life stage. Dog toys are most commonly grouped by life stage — puppy, and . The toys may have special materials that are appropriate for that age or may target an . The most common life stage toys are those geared toward puppies, in particular, those in the . These toys are designed to help you away from unwanted objects like furniture or shoes. The material is commonly soft to soothe aching gums. These toys are not designed for adult dogs, as the malleable material usually won’t withstand adult-size jaws.