Jun 7, 2017 - Our lightweight, soft dog crates are designed to travel

Jun 6, 2017 - Our lightweight, soft dog crates are designed to travel
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These strong, lightweight dog crates are ideal for travel or the home. Set one up in the car to keep your dog safe while on the road, then take it out and use it at your destination. Durable ventilated mesh windows keep your pet comfortable. Rounded corners protect the interior of your car. Imported.
Portable Travel Crate -- An ideal dog crate for car trips, this lightweight travel.
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The best large dog crates have a wide variety of features: indoor/outdoor convenience, a lightweight yet durable frame, a washable fabric exterior, and breezy doors and windows for your pet’s comfort. And lest you live with an escape artist, you can rest easy with this portable kennel, which is very secure, thanks to the extra-strong steel frame and tightly woven mesh panels, made from fabric that’s 10 times stronger than what you’ll find in most other crates. Shop for finely crafted wooden furniture pet crates that double as end tables. Portable folding lightweight nylon dog crates for travel, outdoor or home.
Photo provided by FlickrLightweight fabric dog crates with mesh windows and zippered entries are great for indoor/outdoor use, camping and travel
Photo provided by FlickrAug 6, 2013 - Soft dog crates are fantastic travel crates being easy to fold and lightweight to carry around
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• Attractive 2-colour folding dog crates
• Fabric kennel comes complete with ventilation window
• Made from a washable, lightweight durable nylon …This one best soft sided dog crate itself is very lightweight, is a bit on a smaller side and will support any dog up to 70 pounds. Kennel's steel frame is sturdy but the covering fabric in particular is just great! The tightly weaved fabric will make it very hard for your dog to claw their way out of it. Port-A-Crate is extremely easy to setup and collapse in literally a few seconds. This is one of the best products out there for crate training your puppies, although you should keep in mind that it's still a budget option, and overly “dissatisfied” dogs will find their way out anyway.Same like in , you have an aggressive pet who absolutely despises being in dark crates, is jumpy and/or hyperactive, this crate is not for you (or your dog). But if your pet loves to relax and chill in a closed up place with no distractions, this is a pretty solid option that looks modern and is very lightweight. For more concrete details and measurements, please visit products' Amazon page.If you're looking for a light-weight, easy to transport crate then a soft sided dog crate is an excellent choice. Some of the best brands are MidWest, Therapet and General Cage.This 3-door soft crate's stylish design is easily one of the most attractive out there. The steel frame and fabric are reported to be extra-durable and it's made to be well-ventilated for the benefit of your pet (of course you exchange the “inside darkness” for that). It's fairly open all around, has a huge amount of room for larger dogs, zippers work as they should and it's extremely lightweight! Without a doubt one of the best soft dog kennels online. On top of all that, EliteField offers 100% product satisfaction with any time money-back guarantee! If you won't like it – which is unlikely – return it at any time for a full refund.Top trainers and dog sport handlers have a secret - dog tents are easier to travel with than soft crates! Many have purchased a Mighty Mite as an "extra crate" only to find that it is now their only crate. Why? Because dog tents pack smaller, weigh less and are easier to snap open and close; even easier to swing over your shoulder or stuff into your pack and just "go." What's more - despite the lightweight features of this dog crate it is super durable - stronger than many crates that weigh twice as much! If you're on the move with your dog, you'll find a dog tent to the be the ultimate in stress-free lightweight travel!