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Some breeds are more free-spirited than others. Nordic dogs such as Siberian Huskies were bred to range long distances, and given the chance, they'll take off after anything that catches their interest. And many hounds simply must follow their noses, or that bunny that just ran across the path, even if it means leaving you behind.
Chihuahua Fleece Dog Coat Hoodie Made for XS Long Skinny Chihuahuas Orange Camo
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The Skinny Dog, Kew, 16-06-16

The renovated Hotel just up from the Kew Junction is a welcome change from the ‘standard’ (that is being polite) ALH group of Hotels. This hotel has a great contemporary rustic feel to this venue at the main bar and dining room area at the front of the venue. Then with the extension they have gone with a very contemporary fell. I have entered this venue for a few years now and welcomed the addition to the back of the hotel and the slight changes to keep the venue fresh in a very competitive market.
The waiters were all well attired and completing their duties with a warm smile and thoughtful attention to their customers without being over bearing. Dinning with a friend and colleague after 8pm on the hotels chicken parmigiana special night I chose the long time favorite of the standard or close to the classic chicken parmigiana. As I thought start at the beginning of the special menu, then venture to other flavors on following nights. So for our $20 we received our chicken parmigiana with chips & salad and a beer (Glosh..? don’t quote me on that point, as it was a very long day and the first beer did not touch the sides, but, it was good beer)
The beer was served with pace and the chicken parmigiana was delivered from the kitchen within a few minutes after that. The salad was fresh with just enough dressing to give good flavor and not to drown the salad or over power it. The Chips were freshly cooked, so, to the parmigiana ….
1 large chicken breast cut and pounded out to be the size of a large plate, great for the diners who eat with eyes and want SIZE over everything else….! Thus the chicken was slightly over cooked, dry and crisp on the bottom. The tomato sauce was well seasoned and flowing off the chicken with the cheese was well grilled it was a good example of a chicken parmigiana.
I have a preference for either a cut to give even thickness to the chicken breast, then crumb and cooked the chicken on a flat grill. Or alternatively, cut and very slightly pounded to even the thickness of the chicken breast, but, keep a thickness of a least a centimeter or two to give integrity to the chicken breast and to hopefully to keep the breast moist. Then top with your favorite ingredients or just with some lemon…..!
I will return to this hotel as it is backed by a group with solid industry pedigree with a collection a good to great hotels in the Melbourne area and further afield. On another night I will venture through their menu and taste their culinary skills as the menu has a great selection of items to choose from. Chihuahua Fleece Dog Coat Hoodie Made for XS Long Skinny Chihuahuas Pink Camo
Photo provided by FlickrChihuahua Fleece Dog Coat Hoodie Made for XS Long Skinny Chihuahuas Pink/Star
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The Basset Hound is easily recognizable with its loose, folding skin, elongated ears, cheerless brown eyes, prominent dewlap, and shortened, crooked legs. It has a long body, a big muzzle, and a dense coat that shields it from thorny shrubs. It is a direct descendant of the Bloodhound, which explains the facial resemblance between the two breeds. The Basset hound first gained popularity when it was entered as participant in a dog show in Paris in the 1860s. My dog was extremely sick for a long time, months. Yes, we did take her to the vet and did lots of tests. But we tried the raw diet and she is completely healthy now! How long do you think it would take her to gain weight? She has been really skinny, she…...
General Dog Discussions : How Long does it take a really skinny dog to gain weight?... Long acknowledged for being one of the top Einsteins in the dog world, the workaholic is designed to move quickly and make hairpin turns in order to direct large flocks over what are sometimes long distances. Border Collies can corner like fine sports cars, maintaining control and speed through turns, skills that also serve them well in canine sports such as agility, fly ball and flying disc competitions. These black-and-white torpedoes have been clocked at speeds of up to 30 mph. And noted for their intense gaze, Border Collies are recognized for keeping their eye on the prize.The American Eskimo Dog is a fluffy white Spitz-type dog that is a member of the Non-Sporting group. There are Toy, Miniature and Standard varieties. They have spiky, triangular ears which stand erect on their heads and a long tail that curls over on to their back. They have a voluminous coat which is usually white as snow, sometimes with biscuit or cream markings mixed in. The coat needs a full grooming every 8 weeks.