Symptoms of loss of appetite in dogs include:

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Your dog's hair loss around her face could be caused by allergies. If she is experiencing itching because of allergies, she could scratch at the skin on her face hard and long enough to scratch the hair away, leaving behind a bald patch. Seborrhea, which can be triggered by a range of diseases including cancer, can cause either excessively dry or oily skin. Either condition can lead to hair loss around the face.
A variety of issues can cause loss of appetite in dogs:
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Our 9 year old pit bull was put rest 7 weeks after being diagnosed with osteosarcoma.
He was my special needs baby afraid of everything but
fiercely protective .
I was his hospice nurse the whole time he was ill never missing dose of pain meds taking him out every few hours.
Sleeping on the floor with him the last three nights.
He was so stoic .
I see his big dark eyes watching every move I made during the final days
He is survived by his sister JuJu the alpha. We are both mourning his loss after 6 weeks
Another dog is out of the picture due to her aggression.
We miss him so much and knowing I will have to face this again is overwhelming. Weight loss in dogs may be associated with many normal and abnormal conditions.
Photo provided by FlickrHow to create a doggie diet for weight loss and good nutrition.
Photo provided by FlickrDog weight loss can cause previously fat dogs to live up to 2 years longer.
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Dog and cat hair loss (also called alopecia) is the abnormal thinning or complete loss of hair. Hair loss is very common in pets and is one of the main reasons for veterinarian visits. When a dog or cat experiences hair loss this indicates a medical problem. Fortunately the most common cause is an allergic reaction to fleas and can be remedied with and . Pets can develop hair loss because they have behavioral problems. For example, dogs with a separation anxiety behavior disorder lick patches of hair off their legs. This is called acral lick dermatitis. With acral lick dermatitis, dogs can lick so unrelentingly that their skin breaks down and becomes infected. What began as anxiety turns into a bacterial and yeast infection that is difficult to cure because the pet licks it whenever left alone. The areas normally involved are the front legs just above the wrist (carpus) and back legs near the ankle (tarsus).Cats can also over groom or barber themselves until bald spots spread over abdomen and thighs. When over grooming is causing bald spots, the hairs will be broken or chewed off and the only involved areas will be where the pet can reach so the back, head and neck are never involved.Where the dog and cat hair loss occurs suggests which parasite is involved. Fleas attack the back over hips; lice often attack the back and back legs; mites focus on eyes, ears, mouth, and elbows.You may run into people--evenclose friends--who don't understand your grief, and who may tellyou that it is "silly" or "inappropriate" togrieve over the loss of an animal. After all, it was "just adog." It is easy to condemn such people out of hand for whatseems to you an inexcusable lack of understanding. But before youwrite off these friends or acquaintances, remind yourself thatfew people have much experience in dealing with grief, eithertheir own or that of others. Grief makes people uncomfortable;most people genuinely want to help, but simply don't knowhow--and they are painfully aware that they lack the right wordsto console you or make you feel better. The words they do findmay seem clumsy or insensitive to you.