If that's the case, what good dog food has no dyes

Choose nontoxic food coloring to safely dye your dog's fur
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Seriously though, I work at a dog boarder/daycare. We have between 8 and 20 dogs at a time in a fenced in areas in the woods. Being fall now, the color of the grass does not matter as everything is a nice layer of 100 shades of brown. We are looking to find out if food coloring dye is okay. You know, enough to make the poo kind of pink instead of leaf color. Any real thoughts?
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In general, if its a manufactured treat, made to look like something it is not, its probably JUNK FOOD! All those cute little treats made to look like hot dogs in a bun or something are just made from corn gluten meal, maltodextrin, propylene glycol and red dye, then sprayed on the outside with something tasty to the dog. Did you know that most brands of dog food contain artificial flavors, MSG, food dye, ..
Photo provided by FlickrThat's why the dog food I feed my rats has no dyes in it
Photo provided by FlickrDog food dyes are not necessary for taste or for nutrition.
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It's important to remember that artificial food colors or dyes used in pet foods are not for the benefit of dogs or cats — they're simply added to satisfy the pet owner's ideals of how a pet food "should" look.Next my bff is a dog lover and she has many animals from dogs, cats, horses, chickens.. etc And she bought a book off internet that said low brand dog food uses awful stuff in there dog food and that it can posion or kill your dog over time... Says that they use dead animals that have been killed by humane society, the posion the use to kill animals still in dogs and when they put them in burner to make dog food does not always get all stuff used put to sleep. Said dog foos w/by products is bad so on so on//./ Brands they say are good are so very high like 50.00 for 15lb bad and she eats quite bit food and I just cant afford that kind price but yet I want her to have good dog foos and nothing they may make her sick or kill her plus no red 40 dye PLEASE HELP ME OUT AND THANK YOU FOR TIME!!!!Well I have done tons of research and talked many people, vets, other dog owners, etc and seems everyone has a different answer. As I am sure you all will to but I just want to make sure that my Saint Bernard gets best care and food possible. I was told that the dye red 40 in dog food can be bad and sometimes cause dogs to itch well I have had mine treated for itching and took off red 40 dye dog food and seems help she had shot 3 months ago and long wore off but still only itching ever now and then an NO red 40 dye.I know from reading that dog food seems to be a little bit of a controversial topic but what I am looking for is to see if you know what foods do not have the dyes that could cause the staining for tears and/or around the mouth area. Right now I use Science Diet because that is what they were on when I brought them home, meanwhile my other dogs eat Nutro and they try and eat that every chance they get =) Do either of these have the dyes in them. I have no idea what to look for on the lable to find out....new to this whole tearstaining thing.....thanks for your help!!!!I had a Saint smooth coat named Rudy. Its uncanny how much they look alike! Pics are on my page! He was allergic to CORN in dog food. The BEST food is salmon and sweet potatoes, or venison and brown rice. CORN and CHICKEN by-products are major culprits in skin problems. Even Science Diet has corn in it! The price is higher for the foods but well worth it. Also, flea allergies are a horrible thing to deal with. I never heard about the cheap foods having dead animal remains in them...thats nasty!! The red dye 40...never heard of that either, but I know what red dye in foods will do to children, so it makes sense.I have never heard of red dye in dog food causing skin issues, but it is certainly possible. Beneful, or anything by Purina, is not a high quality food. Most high-quality, 3-5 star DFA rated foods do not contain artificial coloring, it is only the low-quality brands.