The Northwest Naturals product line includes six frozen raw dog foods

Northwest Naturals Dog Food receives the Advisor’s top rating of 5 stars.
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Normally I do not review dog foods but was asked to try a Northwest Naturals product and after a brief hesitation, I said yes. I am not endorsing this food or any dog food but do have a short list of dog foods I recommend privately to my clients and friends who request a recommendation. I do suggest to my readers and clients to feed the best dog food you can afford that works for your particular dog. Dog foods are not created equal and formulas and sourcing of ingredients from any particular dog food company may change over the years.

Back story and Disclaimer:
A vendor who has a booth at a dog show I attend every year gave me a Northwest Naturals product to try. She put me in touch with her dog food rep and I set up a phone interview. After the interview the rep sent me several varieties of Northwest Naturals to try at no cost to me. I am not a canine nutritionist, just a pet lover and interested consumer in the billion dollar pet food industry. I have researched canine nutrition along with the overwhelming options of dog foods for about 10 years. I am not receiving any compensation to review this food.
Judging by its ingredients alone, Northwest Naturals Freeze Dried Dog Food looks like an above-average raw product.
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I interviewed Patti Salliday, the National Sales and Marketing Manager for Northwest Naturals. Patti was incredibly knowledgeable about this product, the company, and has been involved with other dog food companies as well. She is an avid competitor in a variety of dog sports and long time breeder of Australian Cattle Dogs and Pugs. I thoroughly enjoyed the interview. Freeze Dried Treats. … I started life off on dry dog food, … Noble and Valiant love Northwest Naturals food.
Photo provided by FlickrNorthwest Naturals Raw Diet Freeze Dried Nuggets - Dinner for Dogs * Review more details here : Dog food types
Photo provided by FlickrJudging by its ingredients alone, Northwest Naturals Dog Food looks like an above-average raw product.
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Noble and Valiant love Northwest Naturals food. It is food just as Mother Nature intended for dogs, hearty, wholesome and full of balanced raw nutrients to keep dog's bodies and minds active and healthy. Northwest Naturals is the top selling brand at my store and most often requested food by all my clients, canine and human alike!Looking for a raw dog food that’s local, affordable, quick thawing, non-messy and as easy to feed as kibble? Northwest Naturals may be right for you! Dinner nuggets come in Chicken, Turkey, Chicken/Salmon, Bison and Lamb, with 80% meat (92% for Chicken/Salmon) and a spectrum of fresh fruits and vegetables. They can be served as a meal or used as a topper with other foods. Rotation is easy – just choose a different flavor when it’s time for a new bag. Raw feeding is one of the best dog foods for shiny coats, healthy skin, sweet breath, and easier weight control.Every batch of Northwest Naturals™ raw natural pet foods for dogs and cats that we make has a minimum of 6% fresh ground bone added. Fresh ground bone is a great source of natural calcium for your pet’s health. Most manufacturers do not use fresh ground bones because bones are hard to grind. Instead they use powders of calcium and phosphorus.Northwest Naturals, like all the premium pet foods is pricey especially if you parent a medium to large breed dog but as it is working for Chase I would recommend you try this product and would love to know what you think.