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natural choice sensitive stomach dog biscuits.
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While the dog food brands mentioned above generally caters to adult dogs, Nutro Max Puppy Recipe is a sensitive dog food option for puppies. Puppies tend to have a weaker stomach than adult dogs. Whether your puppy has a sensitive stomach or their little tummies just aren’t developed yet, this brand of dog food is a great option.
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i have been feeding my 12yr old doberman Nutro Max Senior and Nutro Ultra Senior. we both prefer the Ultra. he has more energy and a shiner coat. teeth are in great shape. i supplement with apples, carrots, snap peas. occasional pig twists. no cookies!
someone mentioned their dog throws up yellow bile. my dog has done that since birth. no matter what food he eats. he has a sensitive stomach and gets nauseated, like a human would if they havent eaten. vet tests prove no issue. NUTRO™ Sensitive Skin and Stomach Turkey and Rice Formula Canned Senior Dog Food is scientifically formulated to provide complete, premium nutrition.
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Photo provided by FlickrBuy Nutro Natural Choice Sensitive Skin & Stomach Fish Meal, Whole Brown Rice & Potato Dog Food for only $62.50 at Pet 360, Pet 360. Grade A. Top-notch.
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It’s not uncommon for puppies to struggle with sensitive tummies. Their digestive system is still developing, and that can mean bad news at mealtime. What makes this puppy food particularly attractive is that it contains plenty of the essential fatty acids that growing dogs need. DHA is also present to ensure solid brain development. Free-range chickens provide the main protein. What’s not included are questionable ingredients like corn, chicken by-product meal, rye and sorghum. Like other sensitive stomach formulas, you won’t find any artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. You’ll love how healthy her skin and coat become within a few weeks of starting this food. Some pet parents have even noticed less after switching to Nutro Max. When your puppy turns one year old, you can switch her to another Nutro Max formula made for adults, which will probably help to prevent the upset that can sometimes happen when you have to introduce a new food.I want to see if my dog liked the taste of Wild Frontier. Unfortunately, my dog didn't care for the taste in the kind I bought. I did buy another and again, she didn't like the taste so I switched to Canidae brand. But Nutro Dog Food looked better than some of the other brands out there and I like the fact that they use natural ingredients in their food. However, they shouldn't use byproducts, add good meat instead of the junk meat pieces like leftover meat or ground bone meal and don't add any wheat, corn or peas to the food. A lot of dogs have sensitive stomachs and cannot digest those grains or proteins. I also liked that it was a holistic type of dog food without any added chemicals. The last time my dog a typical brand of dog food she ended up with itchy skin and diarrhea. She was miserable for a few weeks and then I switched dog food and she felt much better.Our Bichon has a sensitive stomach and Nutro Original Formula allows her to enjoy life and not throw up every time she eats. She is not able to tolerate foods that have fillers and this product meets that requirement. We chose Nutro for our Bichon because the avocado based dog food we had been feeding her was no longer available for purchase. This dog food has gone above and beyond our expectations - she rarely, if ever gets an upset stomach now. She eats the small-breed formula and we have been very satisfied with the products and the level of quality it provides to our pet.First of all, my dog likes the food and it is a quality dog food that is good for my dog. No needless fillers. I like the fact this brand carries Lite and Senior dog food. My dog is a senior and she needs the lite versions as well. I have purchased for many years since my dog was a pup and she really liked this dog food. I think my dog had a sensitive stomach. Sometimes she would get sick when I purchased a new bag of dog food. I just stuck with Nutro and she seemed to keep it all down. However, this dog food is expensive and would make it much more convenient for me if it were available at more stores. Currently, I can only get this dog food at Petco or PetSmart.