We are a small foster based dog rescue located in Pickering Ontario.

Please contact Niagara Dog Rescue to see which dogs are available to foster
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Foster Homes
Sadly, each new day brings a flood of emails and telephone pleas to help yet another abandoned dear dog. We try and help these displaced dogs through our rescue efforts and networking. We are always in search of new foster homes where a dog can be cared for and loved until a permanent home is found. Speaking of Dogs Rescue covers food, medical attention and all the supplies required for the dogs in foster care. Foster parents need be responsible and patient people who will provide a safe environment for our dogs. A foster contract must be signed. This is a serious responsibility; however the experience is very rewarding. If you can open your heart and home to a foster dog please contact us. We have a comprehensive Foster Manual available for people who are considering becoming a foster parent.
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We are a small, entirely volunteer, non-profit and no-kill rescue group dedicated to rescuing dogs. Although, we primarely rescue small dogs of all breeds we do rescue large ones as well. Occasionally, we rescue cats when foster homes are available. Our goal is helping dogs in Ontario and Quebec. At times, from high kill pounds in the U.S.
Although, we will take in family surrenders, our priority is helping dogs that are surrendered by pounds, rescuing from puppy mills and when possible laboratory surrenders. Pound Dog Rescue has dogs and puppies for adoption. Adopt a pet in Drumbo, Ontario.
Photo provided by FlickrTiny Paws Dog Rescue Canada has dogs and puppies for adoption. Adopt a pet in Toronto, Ontario.
Photo provided by FlickrFirefighter Dog Rescue has dogs and puppies for adoption. Adopt a pet in Pickering, Ontario.
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WHO WE ARE: We are a volunteer, independent, all breed, small dog rescue organization, based in Southern Ontario. We are non funded and we do not seek donations except for a few exceptional and expensive medical cases. Ours, is a very unique rescue group because of the "long distance" rescue work we have chosen to do. We are dedicated to helping find excellent homes for dogs from far away small town pounds of which most are high kill as well as a few local owner surrendered dogs, when all other options have been exhausted. We co-ordinate adoptions of these dogs to caring and loving homes. Our relationship with our adopters is based on trust and a common goal to help save a particular dog's life. We draw the first half of the rescue circle and our adopters draw the second half and close this life saving circle: without these very special people, we could not save one dog from being euthenized. Firefighter Dog Rescue is a small foster based not for profit rescue based in Pickering Ontario. Our mission is to save every dog possible and provide them with the caring, loving home every dog deserves. To educate the public on the huge need for rescues and the importance of choosing a rescue dog over a puppy from a breeder. We are a rescue without borders, taking dogs from wherever they need rescuing.
The time I spent at the Humane Society was definitely life changing; for two years I'd dedicated my life to helping dogs and I didn't want to stop doing this. So I began helping out rescues in any way I could. I've helped transport dogs countless times coming up from the U.S. or out of Quebec to rescues in Ontario, I fostered 17 dogs for a rescue, I've donated funds, I've assisted with home checks and I even caught two dogs who had been left stray in a dump for a rescue. However I still didn't feel like I was doing enough. Having many contacts and seeing how rescues worked I decided to start up my own rescue; Firefighter Dog Rescue.
All of our dogs come from low-income, low-resource animal control facilities (aka “dog pounds”) in Ontario. These facilities do not have the funding for fancy adoption wings with teams of volunteers and staff. These facilities are minimally staffed with over-worked employees. The dogs have a kennel to stay in that is usually dark and loud and chaotic. These facilities are holding kennels for all of the strays and owner surrendered dogs of their counties and townships. They don’t get to pick and choose the dogs they take in. By law, these pounds must take in any dog that is stray or abandoned. Because of this, kennel space fills up quickly and space runs out. Sadly, without rescue, many of the unclaimed or surrendered dogs will be put down to free up kennel space for the next dogs arriving. This is why we at Pound Dog Rescue will only take in dogs from these facilities. These dogs have very few options, the lucky minority gets adopted, and the others face certain death without rescue. It’s these dogs that we focus on and are dedicated to saving.