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Our birthday and celebration cakes for dogs are pre-ordered with a 48 hour minimum order time
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"I found your puppy cakes by accident one night while searching online. They looked like fun and I thought my dogs would like them, so I ordered a couple of boxes. Well my dogs (English Mastiff, Chihuahua, and a spunky Corgi) LOVED THEM. So did the 3 dogs that belong to friends of mine. I made their dogs cakes too and they still rave about how yummy their dogs thought they were. One even brought pictures to work the next day of his dogs and the cakes. I just ordered 6 more boxes. What a wonderful idea and a tasty cake (I haven't tried them but the dogs told me to tell you that)."
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Puppy Kisses has the Best Birthday Boutique. Featured on New York Live, New York Post and other media outlets we have everything from 3D cakes, cupcakes, organic cakes to toys, treats and apparel. Dog birthday cakes are completely canine-friendly and made of human-grade ingredients. These delicious baked goods are made to order and come in cake, bone, and cupcake styles to help set off the festivities. Dog cakes make the perfect dog birthday gifts! Customer Reviews of Puppy Cake | Order Online | Cakes for Dogs
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This is by far the easiest way to make a Homemade Birthday Cake for your dog! The Recipe is simple! I was pretty excited to find this and decided to give it a try!
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(Above links are affiliate links)I LOVE the bichon cake! It looks just like a true Bichon. My dog is a Bichon and she is one of the best. For my graduation i was able to have the florist make little bichon table arrangements but they weren’t as cute as your cake! I wish you were a little closer than NJ because then i would order a cake for my March birthday. Maybe one day i will!Cake enthusiasts who also happen to be dog lovers can walk into a bakery and order a deliciously well-crafted cake shaped like their furry bestie:FOOD COLORINGS - Most of our product designs are created with the use of food colorings. Most dogs do fine with food colorings. Rarely, a dog's stool will change color after ingesting food color. This is harmless. However, if your dog is sensitive or allergic to food colorings, any of our cake and cookie designs can be made without the use of food colorings. If you are unsure if your dog is sensitive to food colorings, but would like to be cautious, we suggest you order products without. Most of our listings offer "neutral colors" which are yogurt and carob (white and brown) and do not contain food color. If a particular listing does not offer neutral colors please put a note on your order that you do not want food colorings and we will make the design in yogurt and carob only. PLEASE NOTE: Our pet portrait cakes MUST be made with food colorings. We cannot paint a dog on the cake without color.Here is something cute for your dog. Why not order a special cake when it’s time to celebrate Fluffy’s birthday? You can choose peanut butter, vanilla or carob at Three Dog Bakery.