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@anonymous: Any of the smaller Anids and Oster models will do you just fine. All of the clippers will work if you want to invest in something more versatile and not limited to smaller breeds. The AGC-2 should do you just fine. Sturdy clipper that is very quiet for smaller dogs.
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The A5 model is suitable not only for dogs or cats but also for large animals, such as horses and other livestock. The Oster Turbo is a corded clipper. Thus, get ready to have a wall socket or extension lead at hand. Nevertheless, the 12 ft. cord is long enough to give a user the mobility to move around a large dog. Make your pet happy and beautiful by trimming it with this heavy-duty clipper! Oster® A5 Professional Clipper Kit
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Most clippers come with blades, yet some don’t. Blades are usually marked either by closeness of cut or by their Oster number.(size 10, for example). While there is absolutely nothing wrong with any of the clipper brands, if you decide to purchase a brand of clippers other than an Oster, be sure that it’s equipped to use Oster-style blades. Many of the clippers are, but you need to be sure; or you may end up buying proprietary blades that may cost you much more. Keep in mind that if your clipper breaks, you’ll be forced to choose between buying new clippers of a brand that has to match the blades you already have or throwing out everything you have and starting from scratch. The quieter the clippers, such as the ones from Andis help keep your dogs stress free during grooming.First is compatibility. Some brands use interchangeable blades and some brands use specific blades that only fit their clippers and are only made by their manufacturer. These days most professional brands, like the ones featured in this article, use snap-on, interchangeable blades. For example, you could use Andis blades in Oster clippers. This is convenient if you happen to like one brand for clippers but a different brand for blades or if you are grooming multiple dogs of differing coats. You can just change to the preferred blade between dogs, instead of having another entire set of clippers.If you find yourself compelled to head for the Oster blades, these clippers are gentle, yet are strong enough to cut through matting. They are also easy to maintain and easy to use. Many professional dog groomers use this brand and even if you need to change blades in the middle of clipping, it couldn’t be easier. On the other hand, the Wahl 9590-210 pet clipper kit has also gathered rave reviews. The most attractive feature about these clippers is that it comes with the cordless option. Many times the cord comes in the way when you’re trying to groom one of your dogs, and it too can handle thick and matted coats. For a in depth comparison, . This heavy-duty Oster Golden A5 dog clipper can cut even though the thickest and unruliest hair. You need not worry even if you own a Maltese. Shaving, trimming and grooming thick coats will be very quick and easy. You can keep your dogs looking good with little effort.Grooming your pet, especially dogs, can be expensive. If you are a dog owner who is looking for an inexpensive alternative to dog salons, the Oster clipper is the answer to your needs.If you are a professional and running a business or a pet owner who is professional enough to do your pet’s grooming and you have multiple pets, you can go for Oster A5 Turbo 2-speed clippers. You need to think about other hair clippers for dogs if you have a smaller dog with a thin coat. If the blade gets too hot, you can vacuum it to get excess heat and hair out.