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If your dog spends any amount of time outdoors in the winter, a heated water bowl is a must
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Enjoy a quick walk outdoors or a long trip with the Yummy Travel Dog Bowl! This three-in-one travel set features a base that serves as a spill resistant water bowl, a food bowl that slips into the water bowl, and lid doubles as an extra dish. This outdoor dog gear allows you to store, transport, and serve dog food and water simultaneously, without mixing or spilling its contents. Preparing for a full day? Freeze your water before you head out the door! Yummy Travel Dog Bowls are made from baby safe, FDA food grade, BPA-free silicone that is freezer, dishwasher and microwave safe. Because this item ships from the manufacturer, it requires a 15% restocking fee if returned.
The Outdoor Products Folding Dog Bowl is the perfect canine accessory for camping, hiking, long walks, and playing at the beach. I
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These dog bowls have been tested as safe for the top rack in the dishwasher, but we recommend hand washing. The durable vinyl material used for your dog's name is specifically made for outdoor wear and use. Once attached to the bowl it becomes virtually seamless and should hold up great over time. Cool outdoor dog watering bowl
Photo provided by FlickrAutomatic Self Watering Indoor Outdoor Pet Fountain Fresh Water Dog or Cat Bowl This Automatic Water bowl is just the right size f
Photo provided by FlickrDIY Spill-Proof Outdoor Dog Bowl — Made from a recycled tire to keep it from tipping over. What a great idea! | Rural Mom
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This is the perfect hydration solution for areas where freezing temperatures are a concern. The temperature of the Farm Innovators’ outdoor dog dishes is automatically controlled by 60 watt thermostat. Powered by plugging into a standard 120-volt outlet the heavy duty plastic, 6-quart capacity bowl provides a source of water in any weather.
An automated system designed for use as an indoor or outdoor dog fountain. The PetSafe bowl automatically refills to a 1.5 gallon capacity when connected to a water hose. Packaged with a replaceable carbon filter this indoor/outdoor bowl also has a built in circulator to improve aeration and filter dirt and debris. The free flowing stream encourages dogs to drink more water.
A silent, leak-proof doggie hydration system for indoor or outdoor use. Designed to prevent splashing on floors, or walls the CleanFlow Filtered Water Bowl fills the drinking bowl from the reservoir at a rate of up to 130 times per hour. A replaceable charcoal filter removes impurities and keeps the water supply fresh. Stainless steel dog bowls with your dog's name. Choose from a variety of colors, fonts, and designs. Durable outdoor grade vinyl designs, custom made by The Dog Outdoors's own Jenny Daughtry (my creative wife). See the step by step bowl building process below the overview video. Custom designs & company logos also available upon request.All of the bowls above are made with special consideration to outdoor conditions. Some are made for outdoor crates, or snow conditions, or have automatic water refill in case you leave your dog in the backyard during the day. But sometimes just an old fashioned stainless steel water bowl works best.To summarize, we were unable to determine what the organism our reader found in her dog’s outdoor water bowl was, but we have some suggestions on how to get rid of it.