Sizes of padded dog collars include:

 Petmate 5/8
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Padded collars are available for specific dogs as well. For instance, if the user looked at the first couple of pages of search results, they would find entries relating to specific dogs such as Greyhounds and Jack Russell Terriers. These padded dog collars have been designed to control even the most excitable of pets, and the fact that they have their own padded dog collars implies that every dog needs a different amount of control and support given to them through their dog collar.
Petmate 1" Nylon Reflective Padded Adjustable Dog Collar in Orange, Large
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Our Designer Leather Padded Dog Collars have the best of both worlds: The leather makes the collars durable, but the padding adds comfort for your four-legged friend. It also features a military grade side-release buckle as well as a layer of 100% cowhide leather, which is still soft enough for a great alternative to nylon collars. It’s adjustable, water resistant and washable too! Your dog will thank you for the added comfort in this Hurtta Outdoors Padded Dog Collar in Cherry!
Photo provided by FlickrYour dog will thank you for the added comfort in this Hurtta Outdoors Padded Dog Collar in Juniper!
Photo provided by FlickrPadded (neck) dog collar
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HOUNDWORTHY Monogram Luxury Padded Leather Dog Collar. Made in England. Super soft glove leather lining. Luxury stitching throughout. Featured in Monocle.This guide will primarily explore padded dog collars. These are essentially inbuilt with padding to cushion the feel of the collar around the dog’s neck, to stop it rubbing against their skin and causing chafing. This guide will look at:There are many different available on eBay, including those that wrap over the muzzle and keep the dog’s mouth closed and stopping them from pulling on the lead. Others are designed to fit around the dog’s neck, while coloureddog collars, plain dog collars, small and big dog collars, padded or unpadded means that there is a type of dog collar for every requirement, breed and budget.Since then, dog collars have become more flexible and softer in material. For example, most dog collars on eBay are made out of bendy material that can be tightened and loosened depending on the size of the dog’s neck. This guide will explain the main features of padded dog collars.Most importantly, this guide will talk the reader through how to buy the right padded dog collar on eBay and will present the user with a variety of options and purchasing decisions to make.Padded dog collars that fit around the dog’s neck often have a heavy duty snap fastener in place to reassure the owner that the dog will be kept on its lead effectively.Padded collars that fit around the dog’s neck on eBay are made to stretch to fit the width of the dog’s neck. As a result, they are elasticated and adjustable and the user can see this when it comes to brands including:Most padded dog collars are in bright colours, as seen on eBay. These help the dog to stand out and be visible to owners. For example, if the owner let their dog off the lead to run about in a field, they could easily retrieve the dog from a distance by recognising the brightly coloured collar it was wearing. Brands specialising in coloured dog collars include Ancol,EzyDog and Ferplast.