Is painting (and Instagramming!) your dog's nails a new trend?

I paint my dogs nails with human nail polish and it has not done any damage yet.
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Now we move on to the bizarre practice of painting your dog’s nails. This CAN’T be healthy for your dog, and why on earth do you need to paint your dog’s toenails in the first place? Nail paints can chip and peel leaving your dog to ingest the chemicals used to make them. How can this be healthy for your dog?
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Photo provided by Flickr
Yes, I’ve done it! Stella Mae (Bull Terrier) looks adorable wearing hot pink nail polish. It just makes me smile. Before reaching for your nail polish, check out these tips that will make painting your dog’s nails much easier for both of you. Painted my dog's nails cz YOLO.follow my instagram! v_nessa29follow my tumblr!
Photo provided by FlickrPainted my dogs nails to match mine!
Photo provided by Flickreven dogs can have pretty nails.. lol. i used to paint our dogs toes..
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I picked out a nice purple and I did a sparkle when my dog was being difficult. When painting on your dog's nails,make sure that there are no ... Of course, you want the best for your dog when you're pampering her. While your dog's nails may still be intimidating to do at home, painting them should usually be doable. Look for nail polishes free of harmful chemicals. The best polish for you and your pet will depend on your dog and what's important to you. Is she a hyper puppy with dark nails, look for quick-drying polishes that cover even the darkest nails in one coat. Do you have a calm dog that is content to lie around all day and doesn't mind when you touch her paws? You will have more room to play with your color selection since dry-time and instant coverage won't matter as much. The perfect polish is what works best for your dog's nail type and . Want to paint your dog's nails at home instead of taking her to a ? Don't use the polish you use on your fingers and toes, warns, as human nail polish contains formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalate, all of which are toxic to dogs. Instead, coat your pouch's nails in nail polish made for especially for him. This is a tutorial on how to paint your dogs nails. Pretty self explanatory.
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For collaborations and business inquiries, please contacI always think about painting my dogs nails, but never actually did it. Usually my dog has too much hair to even see her nails so now that I trimmed her I decided to paint her nails and show you guys how to paint your dogs nails too. Enjoy, comment and subscribe :)
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If you want to get even more personal check out my instagram: People paint the nails of their dogs much for the same reason they might get it a quirky haircut or leash they think is cute. It’s just a way of personalizing a dog and making it unique, not unlike how one would customize one’s own style with makeup and accessories.