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Nothing is more unpleasant than itching, except perhaps too much scratching. Resisting the urge to scratch can be challenging for people. For dogs, though, it is usually impossible. The canine species simply doesn’t understand that scraping nails against skin is a recipe for disaster; allowing your pet to scratch can lead to redness, soreness, and even infection. If your dog’s coat has become dry or itchy, Four Paws® Magic Coat® shampoos can help.
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Once again it’s that time of year when the temperatures plummet. When you go to take your dog outside, you’ll undoubtedly stop to put on your coat- but did you ever think if your dog might need one, too? While some breeds are comfortable in cold weather, others can be sensitive to low temps. And, even the breeds that are most ready for the cold sometimes need a little help when the mercury dives. That’s why Ultra Paws has three coats that will keep your dog warm and cozy- and as adorable as ever! Dog Coats - Miracle Paws
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Photo provided by Flickr4 Paws Tech's line of all-season waterproof dog raincoats is here to enable year-round adventure in the cold, rain and snow
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Teckelklub offers 2 varieties of dog coats, their Trench coat and their Fuzzie.
We carry both of them at Paws & Claws. The Trench is a durable waterproof jacket that comes in an array of colors. The Fuzzie is designed to be worn under the Trench or by itself.If full coverage, including the legs, is absolutely necessary, you might need to look into a slightly more involved raincoat. Available in red, green and yellow, these track jacket style dog raincoats cover more of your dog than the others on this list, extending down to just about where their paws begin. This is great for dogs who hate to get wet. Freedom of movement is slightly hindered with these, since the legs are involved, but for casual walks or bathroom breaks, there should be no problem at all. Sizes range from extra small to extra-extra large. With the recent news that temperatures hit a record high in Arizona and even grounded airplanes, the dangers of high heat are on the public's mind. And while we all keep in mind the dangers of dehydration and heat stroke, pet owners have a little extra on their minds.Tasked with the responsibility of their pet's wellfare, pet owners are remembering that dogs, too, can overheat in high temperatures. That's why Ultra Paws has developed the . The Ultra Cool Coat is designed to keep your dog cool in more ways than one. The coat is designed to be soaked in water and cool your dog through evaporative cooling. Made with an absorbent lining, the coat soaks up water, and can be wetted down with your water bottle on-the-go to continue the cooling. Humans cool their bodies by sweating, which is essentially evaporative cooling. Since dogs can't sweat, wetting down the Ultra Cool Coat gives them their own evaporative cooling system. The Ultra Cool Coat also comes with reusable, dehydrated ice packs. Wet the ice packs and freeze them, and then fit them into the Ultra Cool Coat's hidden pockets surrounding your dog's core. The Ultra Cool Coat is also made of reflective mesh on the exterior of the coat, which deflects heat away from your dog's body. It's also reflective in low light, and extra reflective accents add to your dog's nighttime visibility. Ultra Paws has made the Ultra Cool Coat easy to put on. Just slip the neck of the coat over your dog's head and attach the Velcro fastenings under the belly. An adjustable webbing band secures the coat with a quick snap. Paired with Ultra Paws' , which protect dogs' paws from hot asphalt, your dog will be all set for the hot summer sun. ()The Ultra Cool Coat comes in six sizes, and ranges from $39.95 to $49.95, depending on the size. Each coat includes two ice packs. are available for purchase separately. For a well-groomed appearance, dogs need to be combed and brushed regularly. The Four Paws Magic Coat Mat Removing Dog Comb works great on stubborn mats and tangles. Mats can hurt your dog and when a mat forms, quickly remove it. Mat removing comb blades tackle unmanageable mats efficiently while maintaining the coat's length.