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Are you dreaming of having a well-mannered dog around the house? Do you get tired and awfully embarrassed when your dog jumps around into everybody including you and your house guests leaving all of you scratched, bruised and dirty all over? Do you get home after a walk more exhausted than your dog from their constant pulling? Do your dogs leave you and your neighbors crazy and downright sleepless by their never ending barking and howling?“96% of dogs in shelters had not received any obedience training.”
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Let’s say you found a dog walker who is obsessed with dogs, has crazy-good reviews, has insurance, will send you photos, is nearby and makes payment easy? Believe it or not, there’s one final piece of the puzzle to consider. They’re not the perfect dog walker if they don’t jive with your dog. Each dog has a special and unique personality—some are energetic and outgoing and need a ton of exercise. Others are sweet and lazy and like to snuggle. Finding a dog walker whose temperament aligns with your dog makes all the difference. Try setting up a play date or two to see if they’re a perfect match. the perfect dog training system review - YouTube
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Doggy Dan is more of an interactive program as you will have the online access to other pet parents as well as Doggy Dan himself. However this does not make the Perfect Dog inferior as both methods have an extremely high success rate when consulting reviews. Based on the other reviews, I had my first appointment with Sandy of Perfect Manners this week. I don't give many 5 star ratings but I would give him a 10 if possible. I had hoped that with professional help I'd be able to walk my dog without worrying about being pulled down the icy street and spending time in the emergency room having my broken bones patched. Sandy came out (he was punctual) and asked me a lot of questions that had no apparent relation to simply walking my dog. He wanted to know everything from where the dog slept to whether I gave him treats and for what occasions. After my "interrogation" he said he wanted to hear my pup's side of the story and he was taking him for a walk. Off they went and within 3 minutes they were back and Sandy told me that they had a fruitful discussion and walking should no longer be a problem. We all went outside and for the first time since I've had my dog he walked politely next to me with some coaching from Sandy. I was near tears with joy. Sandy then explained that it wasn't really a walk but a conversation that we had and my dog should now understand that I wished to assume the leadership position. He next proceeded to have my dog do a sit, a down and then lay down while he tempted him with toys, treats and loud noises. My dog did not move. This time, I really did cry. It was amazing! I've always loved my dog but he was a real pain to live with. This all changed in an hour with Sandy. I scheduled additional lessons and can't wait to advance to more commands. The dog seems happier than I've ever seen him and the training not only solved my problem but was entertaining and a lot of fun. WOW to Sandy and Perfect Manners..Read all reviews and thought: I don't care that this guy is trying to make money; I have spent tons on training and collars; what happens to MY dogs if I don't try something else: what's the worst that can happen if I do this? No one reported a harmed pet. My dogs can die if I don't get them to stop running out into the street when they see another dog. Only when I am not watching do they get into the garbage, dig, and destroy things. When I'm watching, they are perfect angels! I seemed to have trained them to misbehave only when I'm no around! Actually, my female mixed breed is the ringleader and before that, they were much better. So, I'll give it a shot and if it doesn't work, I've still spent less than another $110 training class per dog. This forum was very helpful!There are over 200 videos inside the area of the members. With this, it’s normal for some to be confused and overwhelmed. Fortunately, Dan has divided the whole dog training course into 6 different sections. The perfect training reviews also help with this types of training.