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Yes, this kit for K9 training is all you really need to have the perfect dog.
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The Perfect Dog® infomercial guarantees that you will begin to witness certain positive changes in your dog’s behavior (no matter the breed, age, size, personality, instincts, intelligence, past training, or past experiences of your dog; and no matter the type or intensity of your dog’s problem behavior) within minutes of applying Don Sullivan’s techniques; and you will, if you apply the information correctly and thoroughly, as instructed. Ultimately, your dog will be happier as he grows in devotion to you as his leader, and especially as he gains your trust and receives more freedom in life as a reward.
Watch the results of Don Sullivan's Perfect Dog training system. Fiona is safe and happy!
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We offer an approach to dog training that focuses on communication through attention. Once you have your dog’s attention their learning curve is practically limitless and you and your dog can live in perfect harmony. You can always recognize a dog trained at Perfect Manners by their calm, unflappable, demeanor.
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I saw the info commercial of Perfect Dog and thought another waste of money but why not order and can just return if not good. Wow what a difference just in the first day. DVD set with full instructions and goes thru want to do and how to do it. Command collar is perfect way to dice line your dog or puppy with care and love. No more treat training to get a response. WOW what a difference.The Command Collar and the Perfect Dog system work hand in hand, though the DVDs can be used in conjunction with a pinch collar if you already own one. Many dog owners have reported that the training method worked just as well with either type of collar.One of the most popular training systems around is called The Perfect Dog. It was created by a man named Don Sullivan who has created the Command Collar – similar to a pinch collar though made of plastic rather than metal.According to the Perfect Dog method the reason that treat based training methods do not work is because your dog does not see you as the alpha. Quite the opposite actually – they generally believe they are alpha since you giving up your food to them is seen as a submissive act.Within just a few training sessions dogs start to get the idea and immediately behaviors start to change. It may not be overnight perfection, but there will clearly be improvement after only a short time with this system.The biggest difference is that the Perfect Dog method uses a training device – the Command Collar – where Doggy Dan does not use an outside training device. His methods are all one-on-one respect and reward with affection based.One of the most common comparisons to The Perfect Dog method is probably Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Training program. These are actually quite similar in the philosophy that goes behind it. Both are there to help you realize that you need to assert yourself as the alpha in your home.Dogs practice perfect dog training. Luca did not turn his back or offer the puppy a treat for presenting a different behavior. Dogs know what to do but yet there are still trainers out there that think they know more than Mother Nature.