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It’s tough to decide how to personalize your dog’s tag, but your contact information can be a good place to start. Providing your pet’s name, your phone number, and your address can help a stranger return your pet to the safety of your home in the event they ever become lost.
Personalized Dog ID Tags
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Dog Tag Art is home to hundreds of creative ID tag designs for dogs and cats, perfect for showcasing your best friend's unique personality and style. Premium, personalized pet ID tags for dogs and cats
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The ID that looks like a Driver's License for all 50 States. Your loved cat, dog, or any pet will get an authentic State Dog ID collar tag, along with (3) Personalized Key-Chain IDs for $19.95. Additional pets only $9.95 at checkout! Get the most unique Personalized Pet ID Tag available.Dog Tag Art is home to hundreds of creative ID tag designs for dogs and cats, perfect for showcasing your best friend's unique personality and style. We started dogIDs in 2005 with a mission to create the highest quality dog products on the market. Beginning with personalized dog collars and unique custom dog ID tags, we have expanded our offerings to collars, leashes and many other products that you and your pet will love. Because our company was founded and is operated by passionate dog lovers, you should have full faith in knowing that every single one of our products is something that we would feel comfortable with bringing into our house and sharing with our furry family members. It is this commitment to excellence that attracts both first time and seasoned dog owners to our company and our personalized products. We offer not only personalized pet tags, but we also have medical ID tags, name tags, military dog tags, cat tags, luggage tags, bookmarks, etc. You can choose different kinds of metal materials from colored aluminum pet tags, stainless steel tags, gold plated, nickel plated tags, or elegant high-quality Rhodium plated tags. We are proud to announce that we sell Metaza Photo ID tags or personalized photo tags . A picture of your pet and/or the owner can be permanently imprinted beautifully on the tag. This will make a great gift idea for your friends and family. In Sept 2013, we have launched premium designer pet tags art (+ your own image), and QR ID tags (+ free profile pet online).Dog Tags are essential, as most city councils require dogs and cats to wear collars with identity tags. Our range of dog tags is available to fit any type of dog, from big to small, classy to brutish. We also have designer pet id tags for a more personal symbol of your dog’s personality.If you have an open-ended collar for your dog, the could be a great option. These tags provide more space per side for personalization than traditional hanging tags, and minimize noise. They won’t jingle with every move your dog makes. Our slide-on tags have ⅛-Inch wide openings that can easily slide onto open-ended leather, nylon, or waterproof collar straps. However, they cannot be used on collars with breakaway or quick release buckles.