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Igloo Pet Bed - Our wonderful igloos are made for cats and smaller dogs
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The Petmate Indigo Dog House is an igloo shaped dog home that comes with a coordinating door and dog pad to provide a complete insulated outdoor dog home for both small and large dogs. The pooch pad is water repellent to provide support for your pup without getting soaking wet in an outdoor setting, even when it rains or snows.
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The Sheri Pet Igloo is an innovative product, the warming material makes a cozy dog cave which you’re sure to find your pet loves. It’s a bit different from the other products on this list and perfect for those dogs which need a little bit of privacy while they’re resting. The RefindKind Pet Deluxe Igloo Pet Bed provides all the style owners want in their home and all of the comfort and security that dogs crave in a bed.
Photo provided by FlickrPetmate's products such as the igloo dog house for small dogs, provies your pet plenty of security and shelter, while providing plenty of air flows
Photo provided by FlickrSatisfy your dog's natural need to den by shopping Petco's dog houses & igloos. Choose from large & small sizes to best fit your pooch's specific needs.
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This dog house is highly customizable as it comes with a broad array of color options to suit every environment as well as satisfy the most demanding eye for décor, including brown, beige, gray, teal, black and fuchsia. Pet owners can purchase any color to ease the dog’s anxiety. Although it is a cave-styled house, it can be bought at a very reasonable price, which makes it ideal for those who are on a tight budget and do not want to break the bank. Moreover, the igloo dog house comes with a removable floor that promotes easy cleaning. It is machine washable as well that makes things convenient while reducing the effort needed to keep the house stain- and smell-free.Igloo is the dog that discovered the South Pole with Admiral Richard Byrd accompanying him. The headstone is in the shape of an iceberg. Lizzie Borden's dogs are buried in the same Pet Cemetery.With this top-of-the-line dog house, wind and rain will not be a problem because it is designed to protect your dog in different weather conditions. The extended and offset doorway resists the elements and provides additional security. Constructed from structural foam, the house offers that keeps it warm in the winters and cool in the summer. There is an air vent in the roof that makes sure air is continuously circulating, which is good for the dog’s comfort and health. Furthermore, this igloo dog house is made with Microban that helps prevent odor-causing bacteria, stains, mold and mildew that are not good for the pet at all. It is very easy to assemble and can be effortlessly set up without using any tools. This is the perfect dog house for medium-sized as well as .Remember, this is an igloo shaped house with a round front, so it’s covered on all sides except that round entrance. This could make it hard for larger breed dogs to enter in and out of the house, and some pet owners with great danes have complained about their pup having to duck in and out of the dog house. As with any purchase, it’s important to keep your dog’s temperament, breed, and type in mind to find the best option that will be a keeper for your pet.The best form of insulation is your dog's own body heat. Selecting the right size Igloo house for your dog is imperative. His house should be no larger than what is required for him to be able to stand, turn, lie down and sleep comfortably. If you live in an area of extreme cold, consider heating the dog house, or the dog's bed. Dog house heaters and heated dog beds are available online and at pet product retailers.One of the great things about this large dog igloo house is that you don’t need to use any tools at all, and . The doorway measures 13x5” X 12.5”, making this the perfect pet house for small to medium size dogs (no taller than 17”).