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EcoRest is a high-performance, recycled fiberfill used for PoochPlanet pet beds. Recycled post-consumer plastic is spun-processed into a fluffy, high-loft fill we call EcoRest. This fiberfill-of-the-future provides unmatched cushioning, resilience and insulation for your dog. You'll also feel good knowing you're helping us keep the equivalent of millions of recyclable bottles from landfills each year.
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Dogs, like human beings, are living longer. This is great news! But along with more years comes more wear and tear on bones, joints and muscles. PoochPlanet's Therapeutic pet beds offer all dogs, but especially aging and arthritic dogs, an advanced level of protective cushioning and support with high-tech, high-performance environmentally responsible bed materials. Pooch Planet Pet Bed Large Dog Pillow :: Directions for Me
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Shop JCPenney for all of your pet car needs! We know the upkeep of your pets is extremely important to you. You want them to have the best of the best. After all, they are a member of your family! Dogs and cats in poor health that are very small, or older often have a hard time getting on to beds and couches. Pet stairs are a great addition to your home because they allow your pet to easily reach the places they want to go. We know you love having your pet with you everywhere you go, but there are times when you need to keep them out of a room. A stylish pet gate won’t clash with your décor and will limit your pet’s access to certain areas. Feeders and water bowls have gotten high tech! Replenish food and water with automatic feeders and water bowls.Back to purchase our 3rd animal planet bed. Cats and small dogs love them, since we have 5 pets we bought another. Beds wash easy, I just air dry them, then throw them in the dryer on low for 20 mins to get some of the hair off. Beds hold up well. I definitely have one of these beds and is the best dog bed I’ve ever had or seen yet. I highly recommend these people at pet support systems. Beyond the fact that my dog will not get off the bed the issues he has had with joint problems like hip dysplasia is all but gone now. I’m not sure what they do or how they do it but if you have a dog that has a hip problem is worth the investment to get your dog back up and moving like he used to when he was a puppy. What was interesting as we start to use their beds with the puppies throughout their entire lifetime and it appears that they may not ever develop those problems due to the way they’re supported from the beginning of Life instead of laying around on concrete floor or hardwood floor.