Elite Little Dog Static Bark Collar by PetSafe - PBC00-12726

Elite Little Dog Spray Bark Collar by PetSafe - PBC00-11283
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When activated, the PetSafe Little Dog Spray collar emits a jet of lemon scented spray towards the dog’s nose to deter them from barking. Unfortunately this is not a sufficient deterrent to stop most dogs from barking. For stronger willed dogs and persistent barkers - the temptation is to keep barking through the spray and deal with the outcome. Since the collar only has around 30 sprays before it is empty, many dogs learn to bark through the discomfort. The spray correction also tends to get less effective over time as the dog becomes used to the spray.
Elite Little Dog Bark Collar - PetSafe
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Help bring unwanted barking to an end with the PetSafe® Elite Little Dog Static Bark Collar. Delivering safe, but annoying" static corrections when unwanted barking starts, this collar starts with with low corrections that increase in intensity if excessive barking continues. The collar's Perfect Bark® trigger system combines sound and vibration sensors to trigger only after your dog barks, eliminating confusing false triggers caused by outside noises or other dogs' barks. Collar features 10 levels of automatically adjusting static stimulation that shuts off automatically after a maximum of 80 seconds. Water-resistant collar uses 1 RFA-188 battery (included).
Manufacturer model #: PBC00-12726. Elite Little Dog Spray Bark Collar - PetSafe
Photo provided by FlickrPetSafe Elite Little Dog Bark Control Collar | Petco
Photo provided by FlickrPetSafe Elite Little Dog Bark Control Collar
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No. You must contact the PetSafe Company or visit the website to purchase a replacement collar specifically designed for the Elite Little Dog Bark Control Collar. The reasons are twofold. One is for safety of your beloved pet. The other is that altering a product in a way that does not comply with company rules is nearly the number one reason companies rejecting returns.We purchased this product from Petsmart. Having to find a training device for our Dachshund.. After trying 2 ultrasonic device that did not work we finally relented to the shock collar. With the help of a associate we were specific about a device for a small dog. On the advice from the associate we were convinced that it was more of a static shock like you would receive from the carpet ... I tried to see how the shock would feel but could not get a reaction until 2 weeks later..Yes it works but finally able to get a response from my barking I was shocked at how much stimulation I received. I am just disappointed that I cannot lower the stimulation with this Bark control like others. I figured because it was especially made for little dogs it would not be just one stimulation feature.The PetSafe Elite Little Dog Bark Control Collar is designed with the small dog in mind. This dog training collar provides a gentle static correction. Soft and weatherproof, the PetSafe Elite's Comfort Fit system offers big dog features in a little dog size. Perfect Bark detection uses both sound and vibration to ensure that only the dog's bark triggers the collar. The PetSafe Temperament Learning System automatically adjusts the correction level to the frequency of the dog's barking. Adjustable up to 16 inches, this no-bark collar is suitable for dogs up to 55 lbs. The nylon collar closes with a quick clip, includes an ID tag ring, and operates on a 3V replaceable battery.Love the product! We have a mini Schnauzer and a Yorkie, who love to sound the alarm! We were at our wits end and nearly resorted to ear plugs. We went to PetSmart to look for a solution. We met and spoke to a store employee who was VERY knowledgeable of the PetSafe product line. She provided great information and helped us arrive at our selection - the Elite Little Dog Static Bark Collar. We got two. Though they are spendy, they provided IMMEDIATE results!! WOW!! We thought it was too good to be true. We had peace and quiet then and running strong 3 months later. They are VERY EFFECTIVE! Our dogs do bark but the static module is 'smart' and learns your dog's bark pattern behavior and adjusts itself to measure increasingly stonger static discharges until your dog gets the message and stops barking, usually after only a couple of barks.