Pioneer Naturals Grain Free Dry Dog Food Venison, 8 Lb

Pioneer Naturals Grain Free Dog Food receives the Advisor’s top rating of 5 stars.
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That said, the shop I bought the second bag from gave me a refund, recommended Natural Balance Venison (he seems to do best on a single-source, grain-free food and the venison is far better for him than chicken or fish) — they told me to not give him another bite of that hairy food and switch him immediately. They also gave me a sample of a probiotic (Dr Goodpet Digestive Enzyme) and despite no food transition and a stressful travel weekend for him…he did amazingly well. He put some weight back on over the 5 days, had a great appetite and energy level, had the best stool he’s ever had with me (and he’s had GI issues all his life, according to his former owner). He is like a brand-new dog. I am disgusted by Pioneer Naturals/Great Life and thrilled with the addition of probiotics.
The Pioneer Naturals Grain Free Dog Food product line includes four dry recipes.
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I purchased this food for my sensitive stomach Doberman, who did VERY well on the Venison grain-free formula. However, upon close inspection one day of his kibble, I noticed an abundance of what looked like short hairs that would have come off of a deer hide! Various colors, but definitely hairs embedded in and sticking out of the kibble. It was even on the inside of the bag as the other commenter found! I wrote to the company, and their Customer Service Manager (Greg) responded, saying it was a screen problem that was since fixed with a smaller screen to filter things out. They sent me a new bag for free via FedEx. I was pleased… until I opened the new bag only to find the problem was WORSE than before! I sent another email to the company and got a response from Tanya stating they knew hair was a problem in their venison and bison formulas and that I should just switch proteins until it is resolved. My response to her was that unfortunately switching proteins wasn’t that easy with my dog, and that perhaps their company should communicate better, as Greg had assured me the issue was resolved. I requested a refund, as I didn’t have the receipt anymore from the store I originally purchased it from. Greg responded again, stating to tell the store to refund me and let him know if there were any issues. Unfortunately my pet store would only issue me a store credit, but I will no longer be purchasing Pioneer Naturals. They clearly have quality control issues in both manufacturing and their customer service! Great Life Pioneer Naturals Grain Free Dry Dog Food Pork, 8 lb
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Great Life ; Pioneer Naturals Grain-Free Pork Freeze Dried Dog food, 8 Lb, Green ; Animals & Pet Supplies -> Pet Supplies -> Dog Supplies -> Dog FoodPioneer Naturals Grain Free is a plant-based dry dog food using a notable amount of named meat meals as its main sources of animal protein, thus earning the brand 5 stars.For those looking for a view of the elite line….. It is identical to Pioneer naturals both in ingredients and where it is manufactured, which is a 5 Star on here. Basically it is the same food being bagged for a different company. According to SportDogFoods theirs is produced and bagged in a separate run of smaller batches. I have been using pioneer-naturals-grain-free whitefish and my dog is doing great on it. The biggest issue I have had is lack of availability due to this and the poor customer service at Great pet I have now switched to SportDogFood.I got my first bag of Pioneer Naturals Grain and Potato Free Chicken from a local pet store about 2 months ago. Our 2 mixed breed pups loved it and it solved their soft stool problems after being on TOW Puppy Pacific Stream. However, I ordered 2 bags from Chewy and there is something majorly different. 1st, the bags are black not silver, all the print is the same so I gave Chewy a call to ask & they said no worries just changed the bag. I opened the bag and immediately noticed that the kibble was a slightly different color and smelled different. So I gave Doctors Finest a call. A lady there told me that the black bag was normal if they run out of the preprinted silver bags and it was nothing to worry about. She suggested that the smell may be concerning but that I probably was smelling food that was in my dog-food container for a few weeks vs smelling a new bag. Immediately the dogs stools are loose again… I think the company is having some consistency issues, check here, and amazon reviews and you’ll see a trend, or maybe I had a magical bag from the local pet store? Not sure what I’ll switch to next or if I’ll try a bag from the local store again and see how that goes.