Plastic Large Dog Cage measurements are 36" high x 4' wide x 6' long

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You can buy crates are made of wood, wicker, plastic, metal wire, soft sided material, or metal including aluminum. Let's look at each of these different types, so you can find the best dog cage for you in the correct category.
This Plastic Dog Cages Crates is designed for temporary containment, ideal for travel or hotel use.
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If you are selecting a cage or crate for use in the car and/or for staying out of town, you want to be sure it will a) hold up in case of a vehicle crash or accident, and b) keep your dog contained and secure when you are in new places. You will also want to adjust the crate size for travel so there is less likelihood of injury to your dog from being thrown suddenly in the event a car accident occurs. If you’re using a plastic crate, seeing if it meets the is a good idea to get a good baseline starting point. Plastic Dog Cages Crates measurements are 24" high x 4' wide x 6' long.
Photo provided by FlickrPlastic Dog Cage is designed for temporary containment, ideal for travel or hotel use.
Photo provided by FlickrThis Plastic Dog Crate Cages is designed for temporary containment, ideal for travel or hotel use.
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The pan on the bottom is plastic, making it easy to clean, but it holds up well and is durable. It’s suggested that you put some sort of padding in there for your dog to make sure he or she is extra comfortable. The sides of the cage are made of wire and there are secure side bolts to make sure it stays shut. The company suggests that the dog breeds you put in there should be between 41 and 71 pounds.Overview: This single-door extra large dog crate or cage has a washable plastic tray and is collapsible and foldable. It has a divider panel, if you want to housebreak your puppy or organize the kennel to separate your dog’s different areas of activity. The bolt latches are sliding and are very durable. The corners are rounded for safety and the dimensions of this crate are 42 x 28 x 31 inches, making it appropriate for dogs 71 to 90 pounds.Overview: This crate has a single door and is foldable, which is convenient for travel. It is made with a satin-black Electro-Coat finish and the tray is plastic and washable. The bolt is a sliding latch and there is a divider panel located for keeping waste elimination on one side and sleeping in the other. There are no tools required for setup. The dimensions are appropriate for dogs between 71 and 90 pounds, with 42 x 28 x 30 inch measurements. The iCrate brand actually makes this cage in sizes for smaller dogs, so this is the largest they have.For larger puppy breeds, they are typically used in a very temporary capacity, rather than as a dog's den. This is because a growing pet will soon outgrow the crate. Not only that, but a plastic cage is also not designed for housebreaking a growing puppy. Plastic dog kennels can't be easily sectioned off like wire crates can, such as the .A plastic dog cage is most commonly seen in use for transporting a pet from one location to another. As such, these portable dog kennels often include a carry handle for that purpose.FORT WASHINGTON, Pa. — The Upper Dublin Township Police Department in Pennsylvania is conducting an investigation after a dog was found dead inside a cage wrapped in plastic.