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Please call the location of choice for price and availability for dog or cat grooming*.
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Pricing services is very subjective. You need to determine how much a customer is willing to pay for your service. It is not always about how much time you spent on the service, but rather what is the perceived value of that service to the client? To many pet owners, there is value in lightened workload needed to maintain a clean house because of your de-shed program. Likewise, they may see value in the time you saved them in maintaining the dog’s coat at home. It might be that they like the dog to look like the breed standard, and you are the only groomer in town that can do it. The bottom line is that you need to understand what brings pet owners to your business. For me, I know it is not because I get the pets groomed in one hour; it is the quality of the overall groom and the fact that I can do specialty work. What makes you special?
The price for dog grooming is calculated based on the following factors.
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Our dog grooming prices are very competitive and a great value for you. Search by your dogs breed to see what it would cost to have your dog groomed by Blue Dog boarding and Daycare Kensington. We have provide competative pricing for all of our dog grooming services.
Photo provided by FlickrThese are estimated prices for our professional pet grooming services, based on length of time and temperament of dog.
Photo provided by FlickrPlease call the location of choice for price and availability for dog or cat grooming*
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Here at Daily Wag, we like to be a one stop shop for professional dog grooming in Denver, CO!
We not only offer the best , but full service dog grooming. Your dog can be groomed while in our or as a stand-alone appointment. You can also schedule grooming during your dog boarding; grooming will be done on the day of pickup. See our dog grooming prices below. We also offer dog grooming prices by breed, so your furry friend gets the best are many different places to get dogs groomed, from independent businesses to nationwide companies. Each pet groomer will charge differently for their services, but most linger within the same general price range. Dog grooming prices will also vary depending upon the services that you'd like to have done.* These spa services are priced individually based on breed, coat, size of the dog and style of cut. Please ask for an estimate during your grooming consultation. If you keep up with routine grooming maintenance, it's likely that you'll shave some money of the dog grooming prices you'll be charged. It's much easier to groom a pet who is used to being cared for and one whose coat isn't in a total state of disarray. Bathing and in between professional grooming sessions will make things go much smoother when it's time to go to the salon.Prices for grooming a dog vary by the groomer, the age and breed of your dog. It matters how many services are needed. Also, the temperament/behavior of your dog, and how much work needs to be put into grooming him.Angie's List states that, on average, prices for getting your pet groomed ranges between $30 and $90, depending on the age and breed of each dog.