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Put the power of a professional dog bath in your hands with the RapidBath Pet Bathing System
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At Bathe R Doggie, we use a “first in, first out” system that minimizes the time your dog spends away from you. Our professional groomers treat every pet as if it’s their own. Full service grooming includes:
The finest and best dog bathing systems on the market. All made in the USA! Sale! Dog Bathing Systems · Turbo-Wash Professional Washing System-120 V.
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This is my first prototype of a high flow pet bathing system. These exist for sale already but they cost around $600. You can make this system for about $100 with a 3D printed nozzle and a sump pump. I'll add more features as I go but so far this works great! I can bathe my Great Pyrenees in less than 10 minutes using this system. It took me over 30 minutes before even when I use a professional dog bath. The RapidBath Pet Bathing System is an interesting contraption in that it aims to give you the power and convenience afforded to professional dog groomers.
Photo provided by FlickrNow, you can put the power of a professional dog bath in your hand! The RapidBath® pet bathing system is an
Photo provided by FlickrThis commercial grade bathing system saves you money in shampoo ..
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At The Zuri Pet Spa & Resort, your dog is pampered with our state of the art Prima bath system. Our experienced and professional groomers will gladly accommodate your requests. Our Doggie Spa offers services such as Spa Bath, Mud Baths, & full body haircuts. Included in these services are blueberry facials, nail trimming, & ear cleaning. We have been voted#1 Groomer several years in a row. Your Pup will leave our Spa looking and feeling their best! In addition to lodging, our professional groomers provide an atmosphere that allows our guests to relax and enjoy a total pampering experience. Styling, nail trimming, and other services can be scheduled during your pet's stay. Our groomers will provide the style that best suites the lifestyle of your dog or cat. Our Hydrosurge bathing system and spa showers are available to make your pet more comfortable. Styling is much more than just looking good. Routine trimming and bathing improves your pet's health, and is an important aspect of its overall care.Our is used by dog grooming and pet care professionals all over North America. Our dog washing system is changing everything in the pet grooming and veterinarian industry on how we get skin clean and healthy. Feel free to contact any of our dog grooming clients or read their . They will attest to how the are the best bathing solution for any dog with or without a skin condition. Clean you pets and unclog their pores without the use of any soaps, shampoos or chemicals that may irritate their skin.Starting at 7:30 a.m. Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday, each groomer checks in their K-9 guests for a hair cut, or a bath brush appointment. After getting detailed instructions from the owner, the guest is taken outside for some exercise and drink of water. For some there is pre-bath work to do like removing excess coat for hair cuts and brushing out undercoat for the bath and brush dogs. Then off to the tub where the groomer gently expresses the anal glans and gives two warm water bubble baths with the therapeutic hydro-surge bathing system. After the bath and a warm water cream rinse, the nails are trimmed, the coat is towel dried and fluffed with the high speed K-9 Blower. It’s now time for a nap in the comfort of one the professional canine hair dyers. Each of the guests enjoy this relaxing individual attention. When drying is complete, dogs go out for another potty break, and a drink of water. They conclude their day in the groom room with finishing touches. They are then ready to go home with a fresh new look that includes a colorful scarf and/or a bow. Treat your K-9 Friend to a relaxing day of grooming at Double-C! Call TODAY to schedule an appointment: 541-882-K9K9