Purina Pro Plan Giant Breed Dry Dog Food Description

Purina Pro Plan Giant Breed Dry Dog Food
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When looking for the best food for your giant or large breed dog, there are a number of factors that influence the right choice. This includes the nutritional formulation, as well as attention to details like kibble size. Purina® Pro Plan® Focus has a number of great options designed to bring out the best in your dog. But first a little background.
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You need to watch your language while posting in public forums and not judge people just because you feed your dogs premium food. I don’t think you know what I went through experimenting with premium food. I also don’t believe you read my posts entirely. I have clearly said that my dogs are on different foods albeit made by same company. The Bichon eats Purina One smartblend and the Great Dane is finally thriving well on Pro Plan focus for Giant Breed. Sorry I am done experimenting with foods that nearly killed my puppy. Purina Pro Plan Focus Adult Giant Breed Formula Dog Food 34 lb. Bag
Photo provided by FlickrCompare Dry Dog Food: Purina Pro Plan Giant Breed Formula vs Inukshuk 30/25 - High Energy Endurance
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Zeppelin, I had a very similar experience. Except that the breeder was using Purina dog Chow when we got him!. Tried to switch him over to Precise Holistic food after I read great reviews by the Great Dane Lady. The pup had severe diarrhea, Got him off the precise food and stabilized him with home cooked meals for few days and switched him to Canidae giant breed puppy formula. This time he had bloody diarrhea!. Took him off the Canidae, stabilzed with home cooked chicken and rice for a couple days and now on Purina Pro Plan Focus large breed puppy formula. He is doing very well. Just wanted to share this info with you.Yes I do know what nearly killed him. It was the food. The moment we switched him to Canidae giant breed puppy food, he had explosive diarrhea with severe dehydration and impending kidney failure. Stool tests at the vet showed no pathogens. He was fed home cooked chicken and rice for few days after which he recovered. I then followed advise on another website by Greatdanelady and started him on Precise diet for giant breed puppy. Almost immediately he had bloody diarrhea with mucus that nearly did him in. We went back to home cooked meals again until he recovered and talked to the breeder who said that her dogs are always fed Purina! In desperation I got him the best food that Purina makes which is the pro plan focus for Giant breed. Since then the diarrhea has stopped, he is back to being a normal puppy.JellyCat
I would love someone to put a list of dogfoods they trust the most. I am definitely not into conspiracy theory. I am more of a skeptic. I dont trust everything that the labels say. Like I said before the only thing that I trust completely is if I cook it myself. Anything short of that I am skeptic. That does not mean I am paranoid!
I cant be paranoid if I am feeding Purina to the dogs can I? I am sure there are excellent foods out there that I dont know about. Thats the reason I came to DFA. I feel like im getting somewhere now. Please anyone and everyone on this forum (except the people who implied I was lying) I would like to know what food works the best for you expecially if you have a large breed or giant breed dog.