Purina HA is also available as a hypoallergenic canned dog food.

Purnia is a great brand of dog food! I will have to try the hypoallergemic line for my dog!
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Purina's HA (Hypoallergenic) Canine Formula - for dogs with food allergies.
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These unique treats are based on Purina Veterinary Diets? HA HypoAllergenic? brand Canine Formula and can be safely given to dogs with food allergies and/or sensitive gastrointesti.. Purina Veterinary Diets HA HypoAllergenic Canine Formula Dry Dog Food is:
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Photo provided by FlickrPurina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets HA HypoAllergenic Formula Dry Dog Food.
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Many people don’t know this, but Purina has been making prescription hypoallergenic dog food for a long time. They have also introduced an over-the-counter hypoallergenic dog food to their line of products. This food was developed to support sensitive skins and stomachs, and while it doesn’t specifically call itself hypoallergenic, its ingredients make it so.All of these hypoallergenic dog food options from Purina receive consistently high marks from both vets and consumers. In my seven years at the vet, I saw exceptional outcomes using the prescription food, and I had many clients tell me how well their dogs were doing on the over-the-counter hypoallergenic food as well.Purina makes a prescription hypoallergenic dog food that is highly recommended by the vet I used to work for. The clients who put their dogs on it all had wonderful results, as well. This formulation is a bit of a departure from other approaches to hypoallergenic dog food.Its great Purina is meeting a demand for over the counter hypoallergenic dog food! It can get very expensive when you have to buy specialized food from the vet. Eye opening to know that dogs can have food allergies too!Purina’s hypoallergenic dog food choices have all be shown to be extremely effective and tasty for pooch palettes. If your dog is exhibiting signs of food allergies, talk to your vet. See what he or she thinks of Purina. If your dog is already on a hypoallergenic dog food, and you’re looking to save a little money, ask your vet about Purina’s over-the-counter hypoallergenic dog food options. They may be something to try.Comparable in quality to the Purina HA Hydrolyzed diets it contains shortened protein molecules which cannot trigger an allergic reaction, which makes it one of the best hypoallergenic dog foods to alleviate severe GI disturbances and for diagnostic purposes.