Raised Slow Feed Elevated Feeder Dog Bowl

Need to slow my dog's eating and this bowl seems as if it will fit in his current raised feeder
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Stetson was our first guide dog puppy in training and he gulped his food, then often times threw up a few seconds/minutes later. So thus started our search for the best slow feed dog bowl.
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Simpler dog food bowls are great if you want to move them around your home, outside or inside, or wherever you need or want them to be.Stylish food and water bowls are costlier at the initial point of your purchase, but since they are made from high quality materials, they can easily outlast the simple options.A raised or elevated feeder is actually known to aid your dog’s digestive system as well as prevent many health defects that can come with eating out of any normal type of dog bowl. For example, bloat and mega-esophagus- both of which are fatal- can both be prevented with the use of an elevated dog bowl.Not to mention, higher dog bowls can be easier to clean and maintain since your dog will not drop too much food on to the floor. When your dog eats from an elevated dog bowl, they will have a more comfortable position and better posture. Food will be easier to swallow which can help your pet to slow down while they are eating. More than that, you can find a ceramic bowl, metal bowl, travel, elevated or raised dog bowl and even slow dog feeders
Photo provided by FlickrAre elevated dog feeders good or bad? What are the health benefits of raised dog bowls? Do they slow down fast eating dogs? What is dog bloat?
Photo provided by FlickrThese slow feed raised dog feeders and dog bowls will keep your dog from eating too fast and gulping his food, which is unhealthy for dogs.
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Pet Mountain's wide selection of unique, fun, practical and extremely useful slow feed bowls is sure to have just the feeder you need. Many dogs can't wait to wolf down their food as soon as the bowl hits the floor, devouring their dinner in what seems like seconds. While this may be funny to watch, it's actually harmful to the dog, increasing the risk of bloat, regurgitation and obesity. Causing your dog to slow down his feeding leads to better digestion of food and less chance of overeating.

feature unique, playful designs inspired by nature. Rather than just sticking his nose into the food and gobbling without a thought, your dog has to hunt the food through the "maze," slowing down his feeding and exercising his brain at the same time.

allows you to turn any bowl into a slow-feeder, simply by sticking it to the bottom. The mushroom-shaped attachment forces your dog to take smaller bites and search out food that's not readily available. The best part is, he can still eat from his favorite dish.

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