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26 Items - Help pets get around safely with our selection of dog ramps, steps and stairs
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Climber Slope Cat and Dog Ramps for Beds. For dogs and cats with good mobility that need assistance getting on and off a bed. Great for Doxies and Miniatures!

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ogs need stairs or steps for a number of reasons. Some dogs need pet stairs to help their injured backs or limbs, or to avoid injury altogether. Senior dogs need to learn to use pet ramps to get up and down from the places their aging bodies are no longer able to comfortably handle. Make your dog's life easier with our collection of pet ramps and stairs at Big Al's Pets for easy access to cars, sofas and other elevated areas
Photo provided by FlickrThe benefits of having pet ramps or stairs for dogs or all ages and sizes particularly for those pets with join or arthritis issues.
Photo provided by Flickr52 Items - Help pets get around safely with our selection of dog ramps for cars and SUVs, steps and stairs for indoors. A great solution for small or older dogs!
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Royal Ramps foam is also weight rated. Large dogs can use the stairs and ramps just as successfully as smaller animals. In fact, one of the quality assurance tests employed is for people to walk on the stairs without damaging them. This design standard is so important because for many animals, those with health conditions or who are older, a supportive surface that will not sink due to weight application is necessary. Sinking may cause pets to lose their balance, and be unable to climb up or down the stairs without risk of tripping or falling. Sinking foam also places unnecessary or even dangerous pressure on joints. This weight rating then offers safety and security, and is recommended by veterinarians.Pet stairs and ramps are particularly useful for senior dogs with arthritis or joint problems. However, they can be very beneficial to small breeds and younger dogs as well; you just have to know how to choose the right and dog ramps for your pet. Stairs are useful when placed next to stationary resting areas, such as the bed or couch. Ramps are portable and can fold up, which makes them ideal for getting in and out of the car. Choose ramps and stairs with an anti-skid surface, which gives your dog’s paws something to grip and makes him less likely to slip or jump off the edge.Now that you have this basic information on pet ramps and steps, you can take a look at the actual products and begin your search of proper dogs stairs and dog ramps for your pet. Once you begin perusing, you will come across a variety of features, all of which you can compare and contrast. Consider the features of each model and your dog's individual needs before making the purchase and watch out for more of our articles on this subject coming soon.Many pet owners agree that a dog ramp is the easiest and humane solution for pets that have become arthritic or disabled with age. Ramps are also advocated for dogs that are used to single-floor homes and have never liked or mastered using the stairs. Ramps should also be considered for dogs recovering from an injury who would benefit from the straight walk up as opposed to lifting their legs over stairs.Our cubes and ramps are attachable to one another with strips of heavy-duty Velcro, so you can choose from a variety of pet step and ramp configurations below for dogs, cats and other pets. All our standard steps and ramps come with removable, machine-wash/air dry covers in attractive neutral color options.