Here are three books to get you started on raw food diets for dogs:

Following are several of the pros and cons of a raw food diet for dogs:
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But makers of raw pet foods say their products allow cats and dogs to eat a more natural diet, similar to the way animals in the wild hunt prey and eat it raw. Cooking pet foods, they claim, kills a wide assortment of vitamins and enzymes. And pet digestive systems, advocates say, did not evolve to handle the corn, grains, flour and other fillers often added to highly processed pet foods.
Here are some ways to find more out about the pros and cons of a raw food diet for dogs:
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If you decide to serve raw natural dog food, always gauge your dog's reaction and act accordingly. There will usually be an adjustment period whenever you introduce a new diet. Many alarming symptoms can show up that are completely normal. They are simply your dog's body's way of ridding itself of toxins. Take special care when and learn what to expect. So, what is the raw dog food diet to begin with?
Photo provided by FlickrHere is what your dog eats when he is on a raw dog food diet:
Photo provided by FlickrA raw dog food diet is not nearly as convenient as a kibble that you can simply measure, and pour.
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A raw dog food diet is designed to mimic a . The whole concept of raw feeding is based upon a dog’s — a built-in desire to capture (or find) and eat another animal.
Hi Jacqueline, Thank you so much for your post, it makes perfect sense to me. I checked out the Zignature venison and, unfortunately, it has peas in it, which most all quality kibble seems to have. The problem is, my dog is allergic to peas. I am out of work right now and, unfortunately I cannot afford a raw diet. I am going to have to research some other brands of dog food. Thank you again, you have been most helpful!!!!!The reason I feed my dog Orijen is because I used to feed him Blue Buffalo. They changed their formula a few years ago and started using lesser quality ingredients. My dogs started to get ill and started to refuse their feedings. In fact they had a recall because a number of dogs became ill. At any rate I didn’t want to pay a premium dog food price for Old Roy quality. We are most happy with Orijen and Only Natural Pet. However, I would ask your vet about raw diet for puppies. Wonder whether their immune systems are developed enough for that.For pet parents looking for a better, healthier, natural way to feed their dogs, research often leads to a biologically appropriate, raw foods diet. Here’s why.You’ve been given some bad information about yeast overgrowth on dogs. The carbohydrate content of your dog’s diet has nothing to do with external yeast growth. This is a common urban legend that gets passed around in the natural pet community. (Yes, even good vets are sometimes misinformed about this.) Yeast overgrowth on a dog is usually a symptom of food allergy. Allergy is an overreaction of the immune system as a response to certain proteins (not carbs). The reaction causes the dog to manufacture sugars in their skin (the sugar does not come from diet, and will occur even if there is 0 carb in the diet). The sugar can result in a bloom of yeast which feeds on the sugar. The source of the itching however, is hives. Get the hives under control, and the yeast will go away too. To control the food allergy you need a limited diet with a novel protein (a meat your dog has never been exposed to, like venison, rabbit, boar, or fish). Since your dog has been eating turkey, avoid all poultry. Stay away from common proteins like beef, chicken, lamb, and soy. Raw diets are still very healthy, and can help the immune system and skin recover faster (though they’re useless if you don’t remove the allergen).
Vital Essentials is a quality brand with simple formulas and novel proteins. If raw in novel proteins is out of your price range, a LID kibble like Zignature Venison may work just as well. Food allergies take 2-8 weeks to respond to a change in diet. About 80% of the dogs I’ve worked with respond to a novel protein diet. If your dog does not recover with a change in diet, the culprit may be environmental allergies, such as dust or grass pollen. I hope that alleviates your mystery. Good luck!Scientists believe that all domestic dogs descend from a single pack of gray wolves that roamed China about 15,000 years ago, and all domestic cats descend from five felines that lived in the Middle East more than 100,000 years ago [source: McGourty, BBC News]. But with so much evolution between today's pets and their ancient ancestors, should Spot and Whiskers be eating the same raw food diet as their forefathers? This question became an especially hot topic of debate after a 2007 recall of more than 100 brands of processed pet food in the United States. The concern was over food containing wheat gluten contaminated with melamine, a substance used to make plastics and fertilizer. About 2,000 dogs and 2,000 cats died from ingesting tainted food [source: Mann].