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Looking for some raw dog food recipes Here are my favorite food, treat and supplement recipes.
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Two pet-treat products and a brand of frozen, raw dog food have been recalled in the past week, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).
Two pet-treat products and a brand of frozen, raw dog food have been recalled in the past week.
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Here’s my thoughts on this whole dog-dental care business… and I think that’s really what it is.. a business. in all seriousness, for all the years dogs have been on this earth, why have they needed dental care????? FYI they really don’t, in my opinion. dental issues are the result of a poor, un-natural diet. You follow???? Max, our previous dog-child, was 13.5 years old, 125+/- pounds of love bug.. he was not fed raw, but was fed grain free 75% of his life. He always had access to chewies and real bones. When his time came (suddenly) the vet that did the deed (in the back of our jeep while I was holding him, no doubt) was SHOCKED at his bright white teeth and said she could tell he was well cared for – in reality he hadn’t been to the vet in 7 years, and never had any dental treatment what-so-ever. Raw Dog Treats
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You are getting ready to bring your new puppy home; you have its leash, water dish, crate, bed, a supply of raw meaty bones and organs, and a perhaps one or two (or more) puppy training/dog training books geared toward raising and training a dog through positive methods like clicker training or lure/reward training, or positive reinforcement using praise and treats. Or you have an older dog that you wish to train using positive methods. Or perhaps you are simply looking for ideas on stuffing chew toys for your raw-fed pet. Either way, you now have a problem: most of the books and/or trainers advocate feeding commercial kibbled foods. In fact, most of their positive training methods (like using a stuffed Kong to redirect the dog) rely on using kibble throughout thecourse of training. How does one adapt this for raw-fed pets? Don't worry; you do not need to switch to kibble for this period of time. You can still feed raw and use these positive training methods with some careful thought and possibly with a few of the tips below.While it was easy to turn a good raw diet into a good cooked one, I ran into a challenge when it came to treats. The solution? A dehydrator. Allow me to share what I’ve learned about making healthy and irresistible dog treats.The BARF team has done a lot of research on the current treat options on the market and, in keeping in line with our philosophy of biologically appropriate raw food for dogs, we have only endorsed one pet treat and that is the freeze-dried liver treats by Etta Says! These single-ingredient treats are freeze-dried raw livers and come in chicken, beef, and lamb flavors. They are as close to raw as you can get and compliment the natural healthy dog food you’re feeding your pet. Best of all, these are considered high value treats by hundreds of trainers, breeders, pet parents and of course our very own dogs and cats. Etta Says! liver treats are ideal because not only will your dog (or cat) find them delightful, but they also provide good nutrition and a much healthier option for your companion animal. I understand that people use dog treats and kibble to train and reward their dog and to encourage good behaviour, but are there any tips for training my shiba when Im going raw?While mini pumpkins or Christmas trees are cute, these treats are usually terrible for your dogs, and only you care about the appearance of your dog’s treats. We aren’t raw absolutists when it comes to treats, but we encourage you to pay attention to what’s in your treats. Even better, suggests single ingredient, natural dog treats with no preservatives or additives. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite natural dog treats from Real Meat Treats, Whole Life, the Honest Kitchen, Red Barn Naturals, Barkworthies and White Oak Pastures!I agree you can do raw meaty bones, offal and cheap cuts of meats and really lower the price of feeding raw. Also you can put a couple of veggie days and a fasting day per week and lower the cost even more. It does a dog good to fast (and humans too) and they don’t feel the fast. Mine have as much energy on a fasting day as they do with a raw meaty bone day. Thanks for the treats recipe, I’ll give it a go!