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Three main types of dog seat covers are available, including fitted, hammock style, and cargo mats. Fitted covers are available in universal and custom styles. They come in standard sizes designed to fit a variety of vehicles, and they can be custom-tailored to fit a truck's rear bench seat or a car's front . Both bench-style and custom-fitted seat covers offer full back seat protection for the dog. Bench-style covers are usually spread over a vehicle's entire back seat and can even accommodate human passengers when equipped with special openings for fastening seat belts. Many bench seat covers can also double as cargo bed liners for hauling heavy items in the rear of large pickup trucks.
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The design of this microfiber dog hammock allows it to capture loose dirt and sand before it can end up on your car seats and floors. Installing is a breeze: simply hook it to the front and rear headrests. Imported. The dog hammock cradles your dog while he lies down. If your pooch gets restless, the hammock keeps your entire rear seat protected.
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For a quick and easy solution to rear seat pet protection, the Canine Covers Rear Seat Dog Hammock hits a homerun. Made to fit most vehicle's rear bench seat.The benefit of custom-fitted covers is that they can be contoured to either the front or back seats, which comes in particularly handy if a vehicle's rear seats are split. The hammock-style seat cover drapes across a back seat from the rear to the front headrests, creating a calming feeling of suspension for a dog. Hammock covers protect the floor from dirt, debris, and accidents while also preventing an animal from jumping into the front seat and distracting the driver. Cargo mats are particularly useful when planning to let a pet rest in the very back of a large van or sport utility vehicle, as they can be easily stretched out and are often quilted for extra comfort.The Sta-Put Hammock, by leaders in pet product manufacture ,, also combines safety and comfort for a dog with convenience for its owner. It fits any rear bench seat and features Sta-Put™ technology to keep it from sliding around during travel. The hammock is available in regular or deluxe styles, both of which offer comfort as well as durability. The regular cover, made of soft and strong polyester fabric, is both waterproof and stain-resistant as well as machine-washable. The deluxe cover is Stain-Blok treated, machine washable, and includes pockets for storage of both pet- and human-related accessories. Both models include seat belt slots and vinyl edging, and measure 56 inches in width and 57 inches in length.We would never dream of a road trip without our dog, so we design solutions to make traveling with our canine companions a breeze. This water-resistant, reversible hammock car seat protector features a unique river-current-inspired design and works double duty—keeping your dog comfortable and your backseat clean. Adjustable front and rear headrests required for installation. Imported.This one comes with a full hammock as well, protecting the entire rear seat and the backs of your front seats from fur, drool, and claw marks. Even better, it comes with “seatbelts” made especially for your dog, so you can keep them safe and restrained while protecting your vehicle.