Trust the name that you know with this durable plastic dog kennel

Remington Plastic Dog Crate $44.95, Mendota 3/8” x 50' Trainer Check Cord $17.95.
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Our replacement metal nuts and metal bolts ( pet carrier Fasteners )will are compatible all Petmate brand pet carriers, cages, plastic crates and kennels. Including Sky Kennel, VariKennel, Petco, Pet Taxi, Discount Hound, Grreat Selection, Trip Aire, Remington, Rover, Kennel Aire, PlastiCrate, Ruff Tuff and any plastic pet Crate that has holes for nuts bolts or plastic pegs. Makes the kennel more protected than plastic pegs that steadily fall out or break. BE SURE TO MEASURE your bolt length and COUNT the holes to make sure to select the proper Package.
Metal Nuts for airline approved Trip Kennels and Carriers
Steel Bolts and Metal Nuts for securing Kennels Crates before Trip
Replacement Hardware Fasteners for Dog Kennels, Cat Carriers Universal will are compatible all brands
Airline Required, Airline Approved
Replaces missing nuts bolts screws for all plastic pet crates – Should measure for bolt-screw length requirement

Remington Plastic Dog Crate
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Photo provided by FlickrRemington Plastic Crates. -Select A Size-. * These are general crate parameters. Dogs vary in size depending on breed, gender, and genetic lineages.
Photo provided by FlickrRemington Plastic Dog Crate
Photo provided by Flickr