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Can you imagine if a shock collar malfunctioned when you weren’t looking - the pain, torture and damage your little doggy friend would have to endure? A shock collar doesn’t even have to malfunction - what if a small kid who doesn’t know better gets a hold of the remote control or perhaps the remote falls down a crack in the couch - and every time someone sits down the dog is being zapped without anyone knowing what’s going on. That's why we have taken our years of humane bark control experience and made the most effective and safe bark control collars available all without shock.
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Keep in mind that if you have used vibration on a remote training collar to communicate with your dog you will be making a mistake to try and use vibration with your bark collar. Dog Bark Collar / Dog Training Collars Anti Bark Waterproof 300M Remote Control ..
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Photo provided by FlickrStop the incessant barking! Choose from bark collars that remind your dog not to bark or bark deterrents keep the whole pack quieter.
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HOW HIGH TECH PET'S HUMANE SHOCK COLLARS WORK?At the first bark, your dog gets an audible warning tone. If barking continues a mild stimulus plus an audible tone. If your dog persists in barking, the intensity of the shock and tone are increased. Use of the increasing tone stimulus enhances your dog's perception of the shock allowing the no bark training process to work even more quickly. This simple technique proven to stop barking quickly with little stress to your dog. Once your dog knows that stronger stimulus will come, a simple tone or mild stimulus is usually all it takes to remind him to that silence is golden. Our collars have built in safety shut offs to prevent over stimulation.To start, we are introducing three revolutionary new products which will improve the way you communicate with your dog. The BF-16 collar gives you remote dog training and advanced bark control. The BF-22 collar gives you remote training and bark control and it also includes an electronic fence receiver. The BF-22 comes included with our X-22 electronic fence kit. The X-22 gives you everything you need to set up an electronic fence around your yard, including transmitter, 500 ft. of boundary Ultra-Wire, 50 flags, wire splices and related hardware. The X-22 is the world's only 3 in 1 electronic fence, remote dog trainer and bark control collar and it is easily controlled right from your smart phone. The app is free and so are future upgrades which will continue to bring you new, useful features for as long as you own your Bluefang collar.Bluefang collars are multi-function collars, controlled by your smart phone that use the same super effective progressive sound and stimulus technology as our Bark Terminator 3 collar. Bluefang collars also include remote dog training and electronic fence capability making them the most versatile and effective dog training known to man (or should we say, known to dog?).Noted veterinary behaviorist Dr. Karen Overall says this about the use of electrical shock for training animals: “To understand people’s willingness to shock their dogs and cats (and sometimes horses), one important association needs to be acknowledged: people reach for tools such as shock when they feel helpless to address their pet’s behavioral concerns and when they feel that this is the only way that they can keep their pet safe and alive. Unfortunately, companies that make and market shock collars prey on these concerns, claiming that their products keep pets safe and save lives. There is no published evidence to support these claims, but there is now considerable evidence published in the peer-reviewed literature that refutes them. Anyone considering the use of shock for behavioral problems— whether it is a remote/ bark activated shock collar, a remote controlled collar, an invisible fence, or a device such as a Scat Mat that shocks anyone who touches it— should know: