Citronella Dog Training Collar with Remote, Tone & Spray (two levels)

K718 Collar For Dog Training Spray Chargable Remote Control/35-01104-115.
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The Remote Spray Collar works with just about any dog, even stubborn dogs or older dogs that are hard of hearing. Please note that this product is not intended for use with dogs with health problems, or dogs that are timid, nervous, very young or very small.
Innotek Spray Commander Waterproof Remote Dog Training Collar - CITRONELLA
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These collars often include a tone feature that can be used to reinforce the training process. When a dog exhibits undesirable behavior, the negative tone should first be used, followed by the citronella spray. Over time, the dog will learn to associate the negative tone with the correction spray. Eventually, only the negative tone will be needed in order to correct the negative behavior. In order to reinforce and encourage the desired behavior, the positive tone can be used. When using a remote spray collar, it's important to use the negative tone and the spray immediately, while the dog is still in the process of performing the undesired behavior. When used in this fashion, the dog will soon associate the act of misbehavior with the undesirable consequences of the unpleasant lemon spray. The positive tone can be used in much the same way as a clicker during training. When the dog displays positive behavior, mark it with the positive tone and then give a reward. PetSafe Rechargeable Remote Spray Dog Training Collar
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Photo provided by FlickrSpray Commander / Citronella Remote Dog Training Collar by Innotek KIT16022.
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A quality remote citronella collar will be designed to provide plenty of adjustability and versatility. In addition to the positive and negative tone buttons, the level of spray is often adjustable. When using one of these collars, it's only necessary to use the level of spray that elicits the desired result in the dog. In many cases, even a very low level of spray can be quite effective. These collars are also fully adjustable in regards to size, making them easy to use for small as well as extra large dogs.Introducing Good Dog™, the remote controlled citronella spray training collar. It's the shock-free, pain-free way to correct almost any dog obedience issue.They are a tool that can be used in conjunction with other training methods in order to adapt your dog to new behaviors that don’t include excessively barking. As the states, if a spray collar is to be used it should always be done so “in combination with other therapies that may address the underlying motivation for the behaviour”. This includes strategies such as regular and consistent behavior modification training.Hi Eileen. It depends on his/her neck size. Most Great Danes will be able to use the PetSafe Elite spray collar for big dogs (here’s a link to it on Amazon: )
The standard collar/neck size measurements for great danes is around 22-24″ for females and up to 26 inches for male dogs. The Petsafe collar above can fit dogs up to 28″ neck size. Let us know how you go if you try this or any other spray collar.Citronella spray is safe to use on puppies. For younger dogs, it is recommended to use the collar's warning beep before using the spray. Also remember that this product is not chew-proof. If you know your dog is a big time chewer, we cannot warranty against a destroyed collar.This remote spray collar can be set up to emit a fine spray of citronella whenever the dog's owner observes unacceptable behavior. In this way, the dog will equate the bad behavior with the disruptive scent of citronella immediately and cease the behavior. In time, the dog will avoid the unacceptable behavior all together.