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49 item - Re-usable dog diaper by Pooch Pad. Great for incontinent dogs or puppies.
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Use Barkertime Reusable Diaper Liners – Super Soaker with your Barkertime diapers or belly bands to give your dog complete leakage protection. The Reusable Liners provide three layers of protection for ultra absorbency, complete comfort and cleanliness for your dog. The top layer is made with lightweight Stay-Dri fabric that is soft to the skin and wicks away moisture from your dog’s body and genitals. The inner lining is made with the super absorbent Zorb fabric that traps moisture and absorbs 20x faster than cotton, bamboo or hemp knits. The bottom layer is made with colorful, soft, breathable, waterproof PUL (polyurethane laminate) fabric for leakage protection. The liners are internally structured with a side wall along the edges to contain the leakage within the diapers or belly bands. Completely washable, eco-friendly and hygienic product. Dries quick in minutes. Great to use for traveling.
VIILER Pack of 3 Reusable and Absorb Dog DiapersBelly BandsWraps for SmallMedium Male Dogs L20 25waist *** See this great product
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In addition to washable and reusable Doggie Pee Pads, we offer washable belly bands and diapers featuring our own Bumpkins Barrier™, and for small dogs. We also will soon be offering washable pads for other small pets such as ferrets and guinea pigs. 405 Results - Ohbabyka Dog Diapers Cover with Dog Liners Washable Male Dog Diapers Sanitary Protector Pant Reusable Diapers for Dogs 9 Colors
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Deluxe Quilted Dog Belly Band for Male Dogs Washable Reusable Diaper Wraps Includes 5 Belly Bands Per Pack S Small -- More info could be found at the image url.Buyers also liked the quality of the materials – soft and absorbent on the inside, strong and waterproof on the outside. Their dogs liked the diapers, too, and wore them naturally while they romped around or lay down to sleep. For heavy male leakers, the Pet Magasin Reusable Dog Diapers must be adjusted carefully around the front to ensure that they’re well covered there.For dogs that are not comfortable with disposable diapers, this reusable washable diaper from Pet Magasin will be the wisest option. It is designed for male or female dogs with bladder problems and peeing accidents, and even sudden leaks and secretions from female dogs in heat. There are four sizes that run from extra small to large, for newborn puppies and adult dogs with waistlines of up to 17 to 26 inches.Sizes range from extra small to XX-large for these reusable and washable dog diapers from Wegreeco. XS will be a good fit for newborn dogs smaller than 3.5 pounds and XX-large will fit dogs measuring 35 inches around the narrowest part of the waist. There are two sets of colors – bright and natural. Velcro tabs provide closure and won’t harm or pull your dog’s fur. The padded inner material is highly absorbent, while the outer material prevents leaks.Overall, these are for those who prefer to use reusable and washable diapers for their pets. They address a wide range of wetting problems, whether the dog is male or female. Since they are reusable, the cost comes out cheaper once spread over time. It’s good to check on the size of the tail hole and your dog’s tail size as some dogs have tails that are larger than usual. Some buyers were not happy with the sizing of these best dog diapers, and others were not pleased with the way they fit male dogs.Washable and reusable diapers are an option if you plan to breed your dog or have another one in the future. Add some flair with different colors, patterns and denim. Some websites offer custom diapers that allow you to choose from a variety of fabrics and designs as well as details like bows or maybe even a little bling. Of course, custom versions tend to cost more than ready to wear. Your choice may also depend on your dog's tail, as the diaper may be outfitted with a hole or a slit. There are also diapers with a cinch to tighten around the tail to help secure the diaper. Finally, there are waterproof diapers that come with a polyurethane laminate cover. These are especially useful for incontinent dogs.